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Unilorin Whatsapp Group for Aspirants and Post Utme 2019

unilorin WhatsApp group for aspirants

Now that you have applied for Unilorin post Utme, what else? I think it is high time you joined a Unilorin WhatsApp group for Unilorin aspirants or a WhatsApp group for unilorin post Utme?

At that point, you will continue to get updates and Unilorin admission trends.

If you haven't joined any group then you're actually wasting time.

This year admission ain't gonna be as it used to be.

It is paramount to join a WhatsApp group particularly for an institution like Unilorin.

Admission, Unilorin first list.

It’s the ultimate goal of every UNILORIN ASPIRANT, and I know you dream of it every day.

But of course reaching this goal can be difficult, and there is a seemingly infinite number of criteria that determine which course you will be given, that is if at all you are considered.

And let’s not forget about Unilorin new admission criteria.

Their unending criteria can leave you scratching your head as to what your next move should be.

I know that you have found yourself frustrated more than a few times just trying to make your way into Unilorin.

But what if I told you that there was a specific formula you can use to gain admission into Unilorin?

What if I tell you that there is a secret way you can gain admission that cannot be denied this year.

Well, there is!

Not to sound like a sleazy storyteller or an obnoxious motivational speaker, there’s definitely a recipe for admission assurance for you.

Before you will Join our group:
Kindly read this:

How to gain admission into Unilorin.

I can generally reveal to you that the best place to get strong information as somebody planning to gain admission, is a WhatsApp group for Unilorin aspirants.

Fortunate for you, there is a reliable group that is organized by a team from the University of Ilorin.

This WhatsApp group is useful for various purposes.

unilorin WhatsApp group for post utme

How to Join Unilorin Whatsapp Group for Aspirants and Post Utme

If your main aim is to join a WhatsApp group for Unilorin aspirants, here is an extraordinary chance. A few highlights of the group and how to join is as follow:

  • Get Tips on How to secure admission
  • Discover the prerequisites for Unilorin aspirants to gain admission.
  • Get frequent admission updates
  • Get a team that can address any admission issue
  • Be the first to get information on when Unilorin post utme will start
  • Join our Unilorin Post Utme tutorial in our WhatsApp group
  • Learn how to apply for Unilorin Post Utme without issues.

Get Tips on How to secure admission. 

In our Unilorin WhatsApp group, you will get frequent Tips on the most proficient method to secure admission as a Unilorin aspirant.

A portion of the tips we will share are those that the school has recently brought into the admission system.

Check this also: Unilorin Post Utme Syllabus

It will give you a thought of the criteria the school is looking for including that ideal information that is kids secret for Unilorin admission processing.

Admission in Unilorin will be clearly hot in 2019/2020.

So as a Unilorin applicant you critically need to join this WhatsApp group for Unilorin aspirants.

information is unique and powerful.

Discover the prerequisites for Unilorin aspirants to gain admission.

Unilorin does not give admission waywardly, yes that's right.

The admission criteria are some sort of necessary things you should know as a Unilorin hopeful fresher.

So in the event that you genuinely need to secure admission into the University of Ilorin... you need to see this as an opportunity

I mean a lifetime opportunity.

Without a doubt, we will show you to all of you the present criteria for gaining admission into the University of Ilorin.

On the off chance that you don't have any acquaintance with them, sorry in case you're deserted.

Get frequent admission updates

We update the group on an every day base on admission essence.

We will share a portion of the information we get from the statute board.

You have to find your name in Unilorin admission first list.

Our updates will support you and keep you in the watch to see that you're destined for success in your voyage of admission.

Get a team that can address any admission issue

Once upon a time, every 5 out of 10 Unilorin aspirants would be challenged with several issues.

Unilorin admission is kinda strenuous.

In case you're not guided you will eventually be lost.

Our team will guarantee that we give answers on any issue that you experience along the line while handling your admission.

Like the change of institution and course issues.

Information on when Unilorin post utme will begin 

Our team will alert the group once post Utme enrollment begins. So you will be the first to know.

We will give information on the beginning and completion date just as the location to purchase the form.

It keeps you ahead and let you know the time you have left and how you can get ready inside within the time.

 Join our Unilorin Post Utme tutorial

Our team is dedicated and our significant reason for existing is to see that students gain admission.

We will sort out a Unilorin Post Utme tutorial exercise on our Unilorin WhatsApp group for aspirants only.

The unilorin post utme tutorial shows you the way to score 80+ in Unilorin Post Utme.

If you don't mind we additionally encourage you to peruse this:

How to get ready and pass Unilorin post utme.

Learn How to register for Unilorin Post Utme without issues

At last, our team will control you on the best way to enroll for Unilorin Post Utme well ordered.

We will guarantee you don't commit any error and you do it appropriately.

We will enable you to process everything with ease and comfort.

When all these are done you will at last gain admission into Your ideal course.

Likewise, this will help:

How to register for Unilorin Post Utme 2019 From Start to Finish

We want you to enjoy all that life has to offer.

To join the WhatsApp group:

Simply Message: 08088698450.

You will get included asap.

The group is active 24/7 with two administrators.

Team Nimrod
Osas Divine.

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9 Steps To register for Unilorin Post Utme [Start to Finish]

how to register for unilorin post utme 2019

That fear of passing Unilorin post utme! I know you still feel it; Unilorin post utme is by the corner and the first step for Unilorin admission is to pass the screening test. So today i am going to give you 9 steps on how to register for Unilorin post Utme from start to finish in 2019.

When will Unilorin post Utme form be out? Click here to find out.

Your journey of admission success starts with Unilorin post Utme.

Before i guide you through with my 9 complete steps on how to register for Unilorin post Utme, how about giving you a glass of cold water if not two, to relax your fear about scoring high in Unilorin post utme 2019 exam.

Everyone’s crazy about Unilorin admission and it all rings down to scoring high in Unilorin post utme 

You need to learn exactly what is needed to score high in Unilorin post utme. You have to do it.

The problem is that you really aren’t sure where to get started, and you can drive yourself nuts trying to “read in order to pass.”

Who has time to put in all the needed effort to prepare for the exam?

Anyway by the time you read these two post, you will no longer have to fear to pass Unilorin post Utme. Hence, you should know exactly the secrets of scoring high.

With that being said and done its time for me to show you the 9 steps needed on how to apply for unilorin post utme also known as Unilorin pre-admission Screening exercise.

Do you know you can register for post Utme all by your self?

If you follow these steps you should be able to do it on your own and later do your print out in the cafe, but to be on the safer side locate the nearest cafe and see that these steps to register for Unilorin post Utme is duly followed.

9 Steps To register for Unilorin Post Utme ( Pre-admission Screening)

Follow these steps from start to finish and you will have no issue or whatsoever.

  •  STEP 1: Get Your Credit Card or Cash Ready.
  • STEP 2: Have a Good browsing Connection
  • STEP 3: Log into Unilorin Pre-admission Screening portal
  • STEP 4: Provide Login access with Your Jamb Registration number and Name
  • STEP 5: Proceed with Payment Via Remita
  • STEP 6: After Payment, Re-Login and Fill in your Bio-data
  • STEP 7: Provide a well resizable passport, A'level, and O'level result.
  • STEP 8: Choose your Center and Proceed to the scheduling page.
  • STEP 9: Print put your Scheduling slips.

STEP 1: Get Your Credit Card or Cash Ready.

Before the registration can commence, ensure you have at least N3,000 in your account. The registration fee should not be more than N2,500 though, but for the sake of bank charges.

If you don't have a Master card you may need to borrow one. The transaction is usually done via remita.

To avoid any issue we recommend using master cards as it is best with remita payment which is used while registering for Unilorin post Utme.

If you don't have one, you can go with cash to a Cafe where you can register for Unilorin post Utme.

They should have a masters card.

STEP 2: Have a Good browsing Connection

Do not go to a cafe where they have a poor internet connection.

If you're doing it on your own ensure you have a very good and fast internet connection.

You might have an issue while processing your payment via remita.

We have seen many cases of students who paid but was not redirected back to the registration page.

This can cause slow down and it may cost you extra money.

However, if you experience such an issue during the registration. You will need to forward a complaint to Comsit at the University of Ilorin.

So make sure you adhere to these instructions on how to register for Unilorin Post utme.

STEP 3: Log into Unilorin Pre-admission Screening portal.

Click Here to login directly to the Unilorin pre-admission screening portal.

How to apply and buy unilorin post utme form 2019

STEP 4: Provide Login access with Your Jamb Registration number and Name.

As shown in the image above kindly fill in your Jamb registration number.

Warning: If you are using jamb and Direct entry, these two cannot be done altogether. You will have to them separate.

Rember to signify for each registration if you're intending to use, D.e, Jamb or remedial.

Not signifying the right one will result in an issue amid the registration.

STEP 5: Proceed with Payment Via Remita.

You will further be redirected to make payments after the following steps have been completed.

Fill in the credit/debit card details (Preferably masters card)
you will need to provide a token access code.

You can use a hard token or soft token.

A hard token is usually used in cafes but if you're doing it on your own please use a soft token.

A code will be sent to the phone number used in your bank account. It doesn't take that long to arrive if you don't receive any code and this is your first time of using that card for online transactions, visit your bank to help you activate your card for online payment.

PS: You will not be allowed to proceed to the registration page if your utme cut off mark does not go with the course you applied for.

But the good news is you can change your course at that instance for free.

STEP 6: After Payment, Re-Login and Fill in your Bio-data

After payment. Click on Continue registration and fill in all the details truthfully.

In the place where you need to provide your phone number, make sure the phone number is valid as your Unilorin post utme score will be sent to that number.
Also, fill in your guardian's information truthfully.

These steps on how to register for Unilorin post Utme is accurate so continue reading and pay attention to every detail therein.

STEP 7: Provide a well resizable passport, A'level, and O'level result.

You may experience issues with passport while registering for Unilorin post utme.
Here is what to do.

How to Fix passport Issues in Unilorin post Utme

Go to:

Reduce your passport size automatically online. Just specify the size and make sure it's less than 20kb, clear and not blur.

Alternatively, you can do that through paint software in your PC.

Just open it and open the file you're trying to use and reduce the size.

First, alight the image and click on the size, then click on the width and pixel option.

Select 100 in width and 110 in pixel or balance both with 100 as the case may be.
Make sure you crop the area that is making the image large before doing this.

Save your file in Jpeg format and don't forget to rename it.

Now try uploading it, it should upload successfully.

Remember to accurately fill in your O'level and A'level result.

STEP 8: Choose your Center and Proceed to the scheduling page.

After that proceed to the scheduling page and choose your center.
You can choose either lagos or Ilorin center.

STEP 9: Print put your Scheduling slips.

Last but not least. Print out every single slip and check in for your exam date.

Don't forget to take your original slips along with you to the examination hall.

Ensure you print your original copy in colored ink so that your passport will be visible.

You should have 3-4 A4 paper slips.
That's All!

That is how to register for Unilorin post utme from start to finish.
All the best!

When will Unilorin Post Utme Form come out 2019? [More info]

when will unilorin post utme form come out
When will unilorin post utme form come out for 2019/2020 session? This is a very important question and Unilorin help Mate has decided to keep the general public Updated.

Without Wasting much of time, let me simply go straight to the question.

When will Unilorin Post Utme form come out in 2019?

Unilorin post utme form will come out around August/September 2019. As at now, [April 2019] Sales of Unilorin post utme form has not commenced.

Ignore any information of such that Unilorin post Utme registration has commenced.

When will Unilorin Post Utme Exam commence in 2019?

Since Unilorin post Utme form is not yet out, the commencement of Unilorin Post Utme exam has not been decided on, by the University of Ilorin Board.

We are going to keep this updated always.

Subscribe via email to our feed or join our Unilorin aspirants WhatsApp group: 08088698450.

And we shall keep you updated if sales of Unilorin post utme commences.

Where to buy Unilorin Post Utme Form?

Unilorin Post Utme form can be bought in any cyber cafe directly from the University of Ilorin post Utme portal.

Will Unilorin do Post Utme in 2019?

Yes, Unilorin will conduct post Utme exam in 2019 for both jamb and direct entry candidates.

Wait, don't leave already.

Let me ask you a question before you heck off!

What are you going do while you wait for the date Unilorin post utme form will come out?

Do you want to score high in Unilorin post utme exam 2019?

 Do you need every single detail about Unilorin post Utme?

Then hang on a bit, let me show you how to make unilorin post utme with at least 70+.

Welcome to Unilorin aspirants home.

Here we provide information that matters and guide that will surely yield success.

Let me recommend you to this; Unilorin Post Utme guide 2019 [Advanced]. it will make a good read after this.

Recently we rolled out an admission tutorial guide for Unilorin students; You can also check out Unilorin Admission Tutorial.

We are going to discuss some few things every aspirant must know about Unilorin Post Utme.

Now that we have answered the question ' When will Unilorin post utme form come out'

And 'When Unilorin post utme exam will commence'.

We are glad to walk you through some series of unilorin post Utme guide.


  •  What are the requirements for Unilorin Post Utme registration? 
  • What is the cut off mark for Unilorin post-Utme 2019
  • Textbooks to Prepare for Unilorin Post Utme 
  • Where can we get correct Unilorin Post past questions 
  • Unilorin Post Utme WhatsApp group 2019
  • How does Unilorin Post Utme look like
  • Advice for all Unilorin aspirants writing Unilorin post-Utme 2019.

Without appropriate information, you would be caught in the shackles of failure.

So kindly read this post very well to understand more about Unilorin post Utme.

What are the requirements for Unilorin Post Utme registration?

First, ensure you have made the basic required cut off mark in jamb or direct entry with a good O'level result. And you have chosen Unilorin in jamb. Then amid the registration, the following would be required.

  •  A Credit Card ( Masters or Visa) with at least Three thousand Naira (N3,000) for the registration payment.
  • A well-resized Passport photograph that is not more than 20kb.
  • Your bio-data ( Such as name, origin and guardians information)
  • Your O'level result must be ready in not more than two sitting with a pass in your subjects including English language.
  • A'level students are required to fill in their most qualified certificate.

That is all you will need when registering for Unilorin post Utme.

What is the cut off mark for Unilorin post-Utme 2019

The general Cut off mark is 50% for all candidates.

Take note, due to competition; aim higher than 50%.

Although University of Ilorin has a specific cut off mark for every course.

But if you get around 65% you are going to have a chance in some competitive course.

But we recommend scoring above 70%.

Please see this: How does Unilorin give admission and Unilorin post Utme departmental Cut off mark.

It should explain better.

Textbooks to Prepare for Unilorin Post Utme

There are no recommend textbook directly from the school, syllabus or whatsoever.

But since we know how the questions are set, base on past questions.

We recommend that you read the following.

  •  The invisible Teacher (Jamb Use of English) by Dele Ashade It also helps for Unilorin post Utme
  • A-Z Use of English by Dele Ashade
  • Complete and Up to date Nigerian current affair.

These are the books we can recommend for now. With time we shall update it.

Please for mathematics you need to understand some basic calculations.

Where can we get correct Unilorin Post utme past questions?

We can't refer any website to get Unilorin Post Utme past question for now, as we have seen so many inaccurate past questions online.

But however, we are compiling the correct and updated unilorin post Utme past questions to be uploaded on our site soon.

Unilorin Post Utme WhatsApp group 2019

If you want to join Unilorin Post Utme WhatsApp group. Message 08088698450 and you would be added.

How does Unilorin Post Utme look like?

It comprises of four subjects. As thus, English language, Mathematics, Current affairs, and general paper.

The total number of questions is 50 to be answered in 30 minutes.

It's a computer-based exam.

Advice for all Unilorin aspirants writing Unilorin post-Utme 2019.

Always remember that Unilorin post utme is not all about intelligence but smartness and efficiency.

You can never score high in Unilorin post utme if you're least prepared. you must be fully prepared.

It is only hard for those that believe so.

Read as many of guide as you can and you should not score less than 60%.

I hope this article answered your question: 'When will unilorin post utme form come out?' And gave you some roundup information about Unilorin post-Utme.

All the best!

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What to do after gaining Admission to Unilorin

Many a time, unilorin freshers are taken into the belief that he or she will have to do a lot after getting admission. Yes, that means he or she would need proper guidance. This article will show you exactly what to do after gaining admission in Unilorin step by step.
Gaining admission into Unilorin

 Did you just gain admission and you don't know what to do after gaining admission into unilorin?

Then relax I am going to guide you through the major things you need to do as a Unilorin fresher.


These 7 do's below is the basic thing you're advised to do after gaining admission into Unilorin.

  • Pay your acceptance fee and proceed with Clearance 
  • After Clearance, get a Good and conducive hostel. 
  • Look for someone in your department and ask him or her for guidelines 
  • Know the in and out of school. 
  • Start preparing for Unilorin freshers test
  • After the test prepare fully for your session
  • Keep coming to Unilorin Help Mate website for more guidelines throughout your first year. 

 So without further ado, let me address them to your perfect understanding.

 1. Pay your acceptance fee and proceed with Clearance. 

 After receiving your admission letter from the school. You should first worship your God because you have been admitted into the better by far university in Nigeria.

 But then, you have to be careful about everything you do.

 If you're not attentive to the little things and if you do not do the needful. Your admission will fly off your hands overnight.

 Really? Yes, you heard me right.

 Needless to say, the first step is clearance. During clearance, you may have to submit some required documents.

 The following charges would be required from you.

  •  Acceptance Fee 
  • Faculty Charges 
  • University Charges 
  • Bandwidth Payment
However, the board does not deem it compulsory to come up with these charges at once.

But a Unilorin fresher who recently gains admission into Unilorin must first pay the acceptance fee before you're cleared.

 How to pay Unilorin Acceptance Fee

 Still on the topic; what to do after gaining admission into Unilorin.

 Many unilorin freshers are curious as they keep asking this question

"How do I pay acceptance fee in Unilorin?"

Well, it's very simple.

 STEP 1: Head over to your portal 
Click Here to Login

[ Log in with your details.]

 STEP 2: You should see a sub-session to pay your fees. 
Head over there. You will see a left column in your portal.

STEP 3: Follow the prompt instructions and requirements and pay with your debit/credit card. 

STEP 4: After payment, you"ll be informed if you have been cleared or not.

But this process might not be immediate as it may take a week or two, sometimes lesser.

 After your clearance, you will be forwarded to your level adviser for course registration. Unless otherwise stated.

But until you've been cleared you can't do anything after gaining admission into Unilorin.

 How much is Unilorin Acceptance Fee? 

 As a unilorin fresher, you may want to know how much is Unilorin Acceptance Fee. Unilorin Acceptance Fee as at 2018/2019 should amount up to N25, 000 (Twenty thousand Naira).

 PS: This is not an exact figure as it may depend if the school wants to alter it. As at 2017/2018, it was around N20, 000 ( Twenty Thousand Naira)

After clearance, you can proceed with other payment.

 2. After Clearance, get a Good and conducive hostel. 

 The next step after clearance is to fix a hostel where you will base in.

 You may want to consider somewhere close that won't be stressful when choosing a hostel.

 There are many things to consider, whether you choose to live outside the campus or inside the campus.

 First, you may want to consider the ease of transportation, and then; an environment that is conducive for learning.

 Should you need my advice. I did advise you not to go about looking for hostel during your first month of admission processing.

Rushing into any environment may cause you to have a negative experience; you should consider squatting with a friend for the meantime.

 But this is if you decide to go off campus. If you decide to leave within the campus then you should simply proceed with the payment after your clearance.

 Do you understand this?

At least these are 'what to do after gaining admission into Unilorin' that you have been looking for.

 3. Look for someone in your department and ask him or her for guidelines.

 To be frank with you, if you move on your own after gaining admission into Unilorin, you would get lost.

As in, the guidance of other students can help you if you can't seek help directly from any officials.

 Don't sit at home and be waiting for the school to send you emails containing directions on what to do. O.Y.O ( You're on your own).

Try and make a friend with someone at a higher level and ask them for the do's and don't, pertaining to Unilorin freshers.

 They will keep you in the watch to make sure you avoid making silly mistakes.

 4. Know the in and out of school. 

 Knowing the in and out of the school entails you to know where you can easily find anything if the need calls for it.

Consequently, you may need this thing or another thing. For example, where the School library is, bank areas, cafe's, shops, your department, fellowship, mosque and more.

 Knowing all these should help you get familiar with the environment quickly.

 5. Start preparing for Unilorin freshers test   

After the steps on what to do after gaining admission into Unilorin as mentioned above are fulfilled, you should start preparing for the fresher's test.

 This is compulsory anyway, and it comes in the second or third month after admission.

Click here for: Information about Unilorin freshers test

6. After the test, prepare fully for your session 

 You've now got to the stage where the real school life gets started.

 If you have successfully done all the required then start preparing yourself for the full session.

 Start getting handouts, textbooks and previous course note from older students and start investing your time in reading.

 Don't get too busy with friends or activities that May distract you. Be actively engaged with your books.

 7. Finally, keep coming to Unilorin Help Mate for guidelines.

 Unilorin Help Mate is a dedicated online platform representing University of Ilorin for better-detailed guidelines for new intakes.

We have an active contact page that we use in responding 24/7 to students who need help on any area.

 If you still don't know what to do after gaining admission into Unilorin please leave a comment below.

 All the best!

Does Unilorin Accept Aspirant From Northern part of Nigeria

Nathan Chris Aksed; Can Unilorin Accept Aspirants From Taraba State? To rephrase the question; Does Unilorin accept Aspirants from northern part of Nigeria?

We have decided to make it a general Subject for any other persons interested in asking a similar question as to if, Unilorin accepts aspirants from Taraba State or any other northern states In Nigeria.
Does unilorin accepts aspirants in northern part of Nigeria

Does Unilorin Accept Aspirants From Northern part of Nigeria?

Yes, Unilorin Accepts Aspirants from any northern state in Nigeria.

So Unilorin also accepts Aspirants from Taraba state. Taraba state is in the northeastern part of Nigeria. Unilorin does not limit their admission to any particular region.

However, in order to secure Admission, you have to consider catchment area being a factor for admission.

Please see this: How does Unilorin give admission.

So to answer your question, can Unilorin accept aspirant from Taraba State? The answer is yes.

In light of this,  you will have to score very high in Jamb/Direct entry including post utme.

If you're not able to score high very you would either get a changed course or you won't get admission at all.

Queries from Some other Northern state in Nigeria.

Take note some of these states are considered Unilorin catchment states and they have greater chances of admission if they meet the requirements.

Does Unilorin Accept Aspirants from Bauchi?

If you want to know if Unilorin gives admission to Aspirants from Bauchi state The answer is Yes.

Does Unilorin Accept Aspirants from Borno?

If you want to know if Unilorin gives admission to Aspirants from Borno state The answer is Yes

Does Unilorin Accept Aspirants from Kano?

If you want to know if Unilorin gives admission to Aspirants from Kano state The answer is Yes

Does Unilorin Accept Aspirants from Katsina?

Yes, you can get admission to Unilorin as an aspirant from Kastina state.

Does Unilorin Accept Aspirants from Plateau?

Yes, you can get admission to Unilorin as an aspirant from Plateau state. As a matter of fact Plateau is one of the University of Ilorin catchment area so your chances are high.

Does Unilorin Accept Aspirants from Niger?

Yes, Unilorin will accept an aspirant from Niger and will give him or her admission with certain principles.

Does Unilorin Accept Aspirants from Kaduna?

Yes, Unilorin will accept an aspirant from Kaduna and will give him or her admission with certain principles

Does Unilorin Accept Aspirants from Adamawa?

Yes, Unilorin will accept an aspirant from Adamawa state and will give him or her admission with certain principles.

Does Unilorin Accept Aspirants from Sokoto?

Yes, Unilorin will accept an aspirant from Sokoto state. and will give him or her admission with certain principles. Sokoto is also one of the catchment area in the University of Ilorin and the chance for admission is great.

Does Unilorin Accept Aspirants from Gombe?

Yes, Unilorin gives admission to any aspirants from Gombe state as long as you meet the requirements.

Does Unilorin Accept Aspirants from Jigawa?

Yes, Unilorin gives admission to any aspirants from Jigawa state as long as you meet the requirements.

Does Unilorin Accept Aspirants from Kebbi?

Yes, Unilorin gives admission to any aspirants from Kebbi state as long as you meet the requirements.

Kebbi is likewise a catchment area state with superior admission chances.

Does Unilorin Accept Aspirants from Nassarawa?

Yes, Unilorin gives admission to any aspirants from Nassarawa state as long as you meet the requirements.

Does Unilorin Accept Aspirants from Yobe?

Yes, Unilorin gives admission to any aspirants from Yobe state as long as you meet the requirements.

Does Unilorin Accept Aspirants from Zamfarawa?

Yes, Unilorin gives admission to any aspirants from Zamfarawa state as long as you meet the requirements.

Zamfara is also a catchment area state, so admission is certain.


Unilorin in general will give admission to anyone in any part of the country and even outside the country.

No state is treated with special preference.

However take note that Unilorin treats aspirants from her catchment area with special preferences.

It applies to both direct entry and Jamb

What is Unilorin Catchment Area?

Unilorin catchment area are some special states ordained by the federal government to be considered with priority in admission processing.

What are the states In Unilorin Catchment Area?

Unilorin has eight catchment states.

  • Nassarawa
  • Plateau
  • Sokoto
  • Benue
  • Kebi
  • Zamfarawa
  • Kogi
  • Kwara

Please Read these for further information on how to gain admission into Unilorin.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

How to Pass Unilorin Freshers Test

'Unilorin freshers test' is a yearly occurrence in the University of Ilorin for every fresher. Today I am going to reveal how to pass 'Unilorin freshers test' with everything you need to know.
Unilorin freshers test

What is 'Unilorin freshers test'?

'Unilorin freshers test' is a mandatory test written by all students who gain Admission into the University of Ilorin. The test is written in order to access the knowledge of the student.

It is the welcoming hot tea'. The purpose of it is to wake you up from your slumber and remind you that you just entered the higher institution. At last, you've left the comfort of your home to face school life.

Is 'Unilorin freshers test' compulsory?

Well, have you heard of students facing take? Mmmh! it's our common slang for students who will not survive as a student for long in the school.

More so, it is likely compulsory for every new intake in the school if you don't want the school to withdraw you.

 Remember the number of admitted students is way too high.

So the test will determine whether or not you're supposed to be in the course you are given or you're not even qualified to be in the school at all.

So you should deem it necessary.

Don't forget I said its a hot tea.

 You need that to wake you up. So if you're a fresher in the University of Ilorin. You need to dream of the test and see it as important as unilorin post utme.

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  • Once you get Admission don't play off, continue study. 

  • Meet with any recent 200 level student In your department who was recently a fresher and get more information from him/her.

  • Have a powerful planned structured and a mindset of graduating with a first class. 

  • It's not Just about 'passing Unilorin freshers test' The question is are you ready for school. 

  • 5. Build a study circle with your common course mate and prepare together.
See also: How to Score High In Unilorin Post Utme

These five techniques will not only help you pass the test,  but it will give you a basic foundation and preparation for your first-semester life in the school.

So without further ado, let's dive into some brief explanations.


At a time I used to think when I enter the University,  it would be a time of freedom and I only have to do less in order to graduate.

But I was wrong, I discovered there was a difference in just being In school and graduating with a first class.

Currently, in the Nigeria Labour market, first class graduates are superior.

That was when I realized I had to be one in order to become a useful resource for the economic system of Nigeria.

But come to think of it, the University of Ilorin is not one of those schools where students living wayward life is rampant; Or rather a place where lecturers don't come to class.

As a matter of fact, unilorin is far from an institution you can constitute a nuisance as a student.

They don't breed lazy goats, rather they produce Serious students.

In a nutshell,  graduating as a first-class grade is ever daunting in all federal universities and unilorin is worse.

Most eminently, for students in the pure science department.

Don't get me wrong though,  even a course like 'English language' is as well-known to be stressful and it won't be so light to graduate with a first class.

All these should create a storming alarm for the incoming freshers who thinks University life is just about mare going to class.

In summary, once you're given admission. Do not be over relaxed.

continue in preparation relating to the course you're going to study. If you start preparing beforehand, it's a promise that you would find Unilorin exams and test cheap, while 80% deem it as difficult.


A wise man believes iron sharpens iron. Indisputably, if you want to make it and succeed In Unilorin, you need to find out how stuff works within your department.

Meet with any of a higher level student and let him or her show you what works and what doesn't.

Meeting a mass communication student when you are studying nursing is not going to make any good difference.

Meet someone of whom studies the same course as you're.

Don't relentlessly depend on yourself. It really matters. Yes, that's the way things work at the University of Ilorin.

Secluding yourself is a sign of unseriousness.

Blend along with someone and I trust you'll learn so many things you didn't know.


Most students who got admission are among those who almost lost hope while they were trying to seek admission.

So it's possible these sets of students are least prepared for School life.

However, few unilorin aspirants don't really know how prepared they need to be.

If I were you, I will put down all forms of distractions such as too much sociality and social media distractions if you want to progress and not digress in the University of Ilorin.

I should also say, some people are not the same. So try what works for you and adapt to it even if you feel uncomfortable with it.


Two heads are better than one on many occasions.

Study group really help and I cannot emphasize much about that.

Remember our goal here is to pass unilorin freshers test among other examinations you Will be writing in the school.

Students who graduate with first class don't do it all by their personal efforts but with the combination of knowledge gathered from every other student in their circle.

In conclusion:

Embrace group study and exchange your knowledge.

Not all groups are advisable though, most groups are crafted to cause blunders in your life.

When seeing bad, you don't need me to tell you to run; Do you?

Do you understand this? Let's go ahead then.

Bottom Line:

Whether or not you will do well in 'Unilorin freshers test', and your first year at the school; it depends on the actions you will take after reading this.

Are you going to sit and do nothing or you're going to start talking actions from now?

Nothing is too early,  but it can be too late.

Start taking action from now according to all you have learned from this article.

Do you have any question, then leave a reply.

All the best!

Friday, February 8, 2019

How does Unilorin Give admission - [Updated 2019]

How does unilorin give admission

Welcome to Unilorin admission guide. In case you have been asking; How does Unilorin give admission? Well, I am about to show you how Unilorin admission will be in 2019.

 What are the procedures and format Unilorin uses or will use to give admission in 2019/2020? What is the Unilorin admission grading system? From today, you will know about these.

This guide will help you learn Unilorin admission grading system.

The best part.

This guide applies to Unilorin admission system in 2019 ( in other words, you don't have to worry about outdated content since things change anyway).

So without further ado, let's get started.

I am going to finally nail this question on the table 'How does Unilorin give admission?'

Back then, when there was less competition. Unilorin admission criteria were probably less, it was an easy system.

Fast forward to today, there are now so many criteria that Unilorin uses to give admission.

You know why? 

How do you select the best out of 100, 000 student if for example there are only  11, 000 students available spaces?

Let assume 60, 000 among these all crossed the cutoff mark. How will the school pick out 11, 000 for that session?

Will they pick randomly? No!

That's why the school introduced something that is called Unilorin admission grading system.

The University of Ilorin (Unilorin) will use these set of factors in their admission grading system in 2019,  knowing that will give you more insight in what to look out for, to know whether you're qualified for admission or not. 

But what the heck are they? 

Well, you're in for a great deal today because I'm going to reveal all the factors that may affect or favor you in Unilorin  2019/2020 Admission system, including the ones that you have been hearing but not true. 

Some are proven facts while s
ome are controversial.

Others are just Unilorin  Admission nerd speculation. 

But we will review them all according to the infographic below which shows the hierarchy of Unilorin admission grading system.

So hopefully we will figure out all the things you need to know about how unilorin will give admission in 2019.

Let's dive in. 


how does unilorin give admission
  •  Presence of Catchment Area 
  • How competitive your course is
  • How good your O'level result is
  • How high you score in Post Utme
  • How high you score in jamb or D.E

These are the standing factors that Unilorin uses to give admission for every student and we shall critically examine each. 

Check out: How to gain admission into Unilorin with Jupeb

I am not showing you this as show off, but i am showing you this to know your stands. In order not to waste your time should you fall below these factors.

PS: This list is not comprehensive, but it's 80% accurate. So much so, Unilorin has some other factors not disclosed to the public.

But whether good or bad, there is no other existing factor that Unilorin uses to give admission. If there is any other factor it should fall below these five factors mentioned above.

So get it straight! The less you fall under these unilorin admission grading system, the less chance of admission you have.

This is not a lame Unilorin admission grading post! This is exactly how it works. If you are not head inside, sorry to you.

Catchment Area

This is the first thing that the University of Ilorin looks out for in Admission ranking/grading system. 

It is something set out by the Federal government. 

Catchment area; simply put, are the states suggested by the Federal Government that all Federal Universities must comply with. 

 That hopefully implies that students from a Schools catchment area have more odds of gaining Admission into that University. 

Therefore, any student from the states, in other words,  the  Catchment areas are viewed as an advantage,  as they have more opportunities to be offered admission faster in that particular Institution where they are among the Catchment area. 

So 'how does Unilorin give admission?'.  The first plain English simple answer is, they will consider you if you're an indigene or from the catchment area.

Now that you know this, what are the States that belongs to Unilorin Catchment Areas?

The Catchment Area for University Of Ilorin (
Unilorin) are: 

Kwara State, 
Kebbi State, Kogi State, Nasarawa State, Plateau State, Sokoto State, Zamfara State, Benue State 

Thus, it's doesn't suggest that students who are not from the catchment Areas are left out of admission, as there are other grading systems that Unilorin gives admission with.

What this simply means is that one of the factors that unilorin gives admission with is your indigenous origin. Those from the catchment Areas have higher chances of admission over those that don't. 

In light of these, many students change their state of Origin to either of the catchment areas, just to have a higher chance of admission.

The whole Summary of this is, Someone searching for admission from Kwara State, who meets the other admission requirements will be considered first for admission than someone from Lagos State. 

Course Competition Factors 

The next question to ask yourself is, what is the course Competition more the competition the more the requirements.

Remember what the school is trying to do is to select the most suitably qualified candidate for that particular course and session.

Have it at the back of your mind that, if there are more candidates applying for your course, the farther you will be to admission.

The lesser there are, the closer you will be.

In summary: One of the most peculiar Unilorin admission grading systems is course competition.

A must read: Complete Unilorin Post Utme guide 2019

O'level Qualification factors

The next thing to look out for is your O'Level certificate being mindful for course you intend to use it for.

If your result is poor, don't hope for a competitive course.

 A good course deserves a good O'Level certificate. So your admission chances also have a connection with your O'Level.

 Many students overlook this. Yes, you made Jamb You made Post Utme.

But poor O'Level result, then they either give you another course or refuse your admission request.

 Unilorin is not a playground as they are strict in admission.

 So get back to your O'level result, how many A's and B's do you have?

 Is it all covered with C's? Is it one sitting?

But i should warn you! Using two sitting (Waec and Neco combination) no longer counts. So sad!

But that's the harsh truth! You can use two waec combination though. Not like, two sitting combination with Waec and Neco.

Not that it is completely ruled out but it won't work for a competitive Course. This is one of the reasons student get a different course from what they applied for.

Jamb and Direct-entry Factor

Unilorin will not admit you without having good merit, this has to deal with the medium you are using for admission, whether Direct entry or Jamb. 

I.e to say, unilorin give admission base on the qualification you present I.e depending if you do well or not. 

Each medium you use has an impact on your admission. 

For example, someone with Jupeb results and Jamb results has different grounds to stand own. 

Someone who scores 240+ in Jamb cannot be compared with someone with 290+.

Let me expatiate deeply. 

Below are the medium of qualifications for Unilorin admission 

  • Jamb (100 Level) 
  • Ijmb (A'Level) 
  • Jupeb (A'Level) 
  • Ond (A'Level) 
  • Hnd (A'Level) 
  • Nce (A'Level) 
  • Nabteb (A'Level) 
  • Remedial  ( 100 Level

These mediums have ups and down and are not processed equally in the University of Ilorin. 

Jambites with a higher score are first considered.  

Those who score 270+ and above are ranked according to their course which we will discuss later. 

What you Must know : 

Unilorin Admission system for students with Ijmb certificate would be low, unlike before. Chances are, the number of students that Unilorin will give admission with ijmb qualification would be less in 2019.

It appears like students from their catchment area or those who have connections in any way would have the chances more.

Simply put,  students from Unilorin catchment area, are the ones to be qualified for admission via Ijmb, partially. 

If not, you may be admitted but don't be very sure, and you may not even find it in the first or second list. 

Unilorin Jupeb program has taken more chances. 

Which means Jupeb students are more guaranteed for admission into the University of Ilorin since they can't ignore students from their own programme.

I have given you two hidden factors that no one will mention to you, keep reading!

Remedial students who made Jamb are also on a 90% high chances of admission. 

I hope you understand this!

So whichever medium you are using, your chances increase if you score high with respect to the chosen course and the other factors. 

In Summary, your medium of qualifications greatly impacts your chances of admission. The surest means are Jamb, Jupeb, and Remedial. 

Other means too are approved but the above. Mentioned ones have higher chances. 

If you are using Ijmb, you should read this: How to gain admission into Unilorin with Ijmb

Post Utme Score Factor

This is where the problem comes in because what you score in your post utme will be graded alongside other factors. 

 So if you did not meet other factors, for example, you are not from their catchment area that means you must score high in Post Utme and have good merits in Jamb or Direct entry. 

Else,  you will not be given admission. 

So, therefore,  you have to obtain a good grade if you want to be admitted. 

Let me put more light. 

If you Scored 230 in Jamb and 50 in Post Utme. 

And you are not from their catchment area,  someone from their catchment area with 220 in Jamb and 45 in Post utme would be admitted first. 

In the event that the cut off the mark for that score is 210 and post jamb is 40.

It does not stop here,  they still check more factors.  Like the next one, we shall discuss

How to score 70+ and above in Unilorin Post Utme 2019

Conclusion: How will Unilorin give Admission in 2019?

  • Higher competition,  less jamb or D.e score, Not from Catchment Area, Good O'Level or not, Did not score 70+ in Post utme. Then less chance of admission or No admission
  • Less, competition, Medium score in jamb/D.e, Not from Catchment Area,  Good O'level,  medium score in Post utme. Then you are 60/75% sure of admission.
  •  Higher competition,  High jamb/D.e score, From Catchment  Area, Good O'Level score,  Medium or high post utme. Then you are 80/100% sure of Admission.
  •  High competition, High jamb/D.e score, Not from Catchment Area, Good O'Level score, Not from less privileged state, High Post Utme score. Then you are 65/80% sure of admission

Take note, you have a high chance of admission when the course has low competition if you present good merit from Jamb/D. E and get the required score in Post utme. 

Finally, Students that chose Unilorin as the first choice are admitted first than those that don't. More advisable, don't choose Unilorin as the second Choice.

 Or you would end up wasting another year. If you only met a few of the requirements above.

 Don't worry you could be given admission but I doubt if it is the course you applied for, if for instance, your course is competitive you must meet high in the factors mentioned above.

 I hope this article answers your questions "How does Unilorin give admission?"

Thursday, February 7, 2019

How to Score High in Unilorin Post Utme 2019


Post utme score stands as the number one factor for unilorin admission. So I am going to teach you how to score high in unilorin post utme. Anyone who reads and acts accordingly will definitely pass Unilorin post utme.

 I think unilorin post utme stands as a huge barricade blocking students from admission.

So many aspirants struggle every year to secure admission into the University of Ilorin, but Unilorin post utme always causes a blockage.

 Clearly, Unilorin Post Utme is one of the hardest exams you did write! Oops! Did I just say that? Yes, I did, so you remember you have an elephant to chew.

 But we have seen students scoring 70% above, so much so I am going to show you those tricks that they used to score high in Unilorin post Utme.

 Have you been writing Unilorin Post Utme, but your score is always not impressive. Or you are about to write Unilorin Post Utme? I'm going to share with you the best tips to score as high as 70+ in Unilorin Post Utme 2019, guaranteed, if you follow this guide.


 To pass Unilorin post utme 2019 by scoring very high, you need to follow these steps.

 STEP 1: Understand the structure of the Exam.

  Among the number of candidates of over 11,000 students who sit for Unilorin Post Utme 2018, only 20% of them scored high in, I mean above 70℅.

 If you want to score high in Unilorin post utme, you need to study the structure.

 STEP 2: Prepare in Excess far before the exam begins.

  Overdone is better than Underdone.

To pass Unilorin post utme, you ought to prepare blue and black. There's nothing like too much preparation, to dull the sharp edge of a man's honor.

   There are tons of mass failure in Unilorin Post Utme screening test simply because most students think it is a casual exam and mare preparation is enough.

 Unless you prepare, you can't excel.

 STEP 3: Know the reason behind While an average number of students fail.

 Painstakingly take the time to examine the reasons others fail, you can use it as a stepping stone for yourself.

But the issue is, who cares about others failure? Well, you need to, because humans learn from mistakes.

 STEP 4: Avoid Cheating Practices and Use the Exam strategy I teach students.

 You have seen so many exam boards where malpractice is frequent. But the bad news is, such doesn't exist in Unilorin post utme.

And the good news is, I am going to teach you a powerful strategy to use during the exam.

 If you follow these steps you will definitely score high in Unilorin post Utme. It is the formula all the students who passed Unilorin post utme leveraged.

 I always draw out this point.

See: " Unilorin 2019 Post Utme Cut off mark for  of various courses" 

 Been obvious according to my guide on How to get Admission into Unilorin 2019 "The higher you score in Post Utme, The higher your admission chances get, the less you score the fewer chances your admission will be."

 Unilorin Admission system is like 300 people trying to enter a bus that will only contain 100 people. Only those who struggle will enter, no matter how lucky you are. You must struggle. 

 Unilorin help mate team is on a mission to help a number of students score high in the coming Post Utme Exam so if you read and understand this you are certain of scoring High, and not less down 70%.


 Every exam has a structure and it pays if you know them.

Unilorin post utme structure is simplistic. But they don't use the same pattern for every student. Remember, there is a total of 50 questions in Unilorin post utme.

 It is constituted of English language, Current affair, Mathematics, and general paper.Albeit, a student may have more of 'English language', while another may have more of mathematics.

 But 65 out of 100 students would see more of 'English language' This only means your study must be comprehensive and you mustn't ignore any of the subjects.


 Use these tips to prepare for Unilorin Post Utme.

  •  Attend Unilorin Post Utme tutorial 
  • Get an Updated Unilorin post-utme past questions. 
  • Get Current affair and some necessary textbooks.
  •  Practice Unilorin post-Utme CBT.

Remember I talked about preparing in excess as a medium to score high in Unilorin post Utme.

Does that mean you should read 24 hours a day? No, that would be counterproductive.

 If you're preparing for a marathon race, do you expect the runner to run 24 hours a day or whatever the case may be? That's not the meaning of the excess reading I suggested to pass Unilorin post utme.

 Excess preparation has to deal with doing all that has to involve preparation, and the above tips should help.


 As a student, the reason you fail Unilorin Post Utme are as follows.

  •  You believe you can't pass Unilorin post utme.
  •    You don't know how to answer question fast in CBT.
  •  You don't know English language.
  • You did not prepare.
  •   You did not study the right past questions 

These are the Five reasons that make a normal number of students not to score high in Unilorin post utme.

 You believe you can't pass Unilorin post utme 

 See: Everything you need to know about Unilorin post-Utme 2019 

If you keep telling yourself Unilorin Post Utme is difficult or you believe those who tell you, you will keep believing you can't pass it.

Even if it is hard; that doesn't imply that you cannot make it.

 It is the same exam thousands of students who are already in school wrote? Its rather not possible that they are all very intelligent, or smarter than you are.

 So stop believing you cannot pass Unilorin Post Utme.

 You don't know how to Use Time

Effective use of time will make you score high.

Unilorin Post Utme is simple if you understand the structure.

I have given you an exact structure above. This is the major reason for failure in Unilorin Post Utme.

The time given to answer 50 questions is just 30 or 20 minutes.

 It won't be funny if before you reach number ten, and the exam ends. Hahaha! Thanks for scoring 20℅ see you in the next Post Utme.

 Well is there a trick to score high in Unilorin Post Utme 2019, by answering all questions before the time runs out?

 Well, there is!
 Keep reading!

You don't know 'English language' 

 This is the same thing that happens in Jamb, Nigerians are used to speaking English that is old an no longer correct and they as well put it into writing; thereby finding it difficult to pass 'English language' exam.

 More so, 'English' is inevitable in Unilorin Post Utme. You have to be good in it, that is where the majority of the questions will come from.

 However, Unilorin English language is the most technical of them all.

 In Unilorin English, somearial the answers that look useless the most is the right one. These are some Unilorin post utme 'English language' past questions. Check the form they take.

 1. The order of presentation of a formal letter is: (a)salutation,title,body (b)title,salutation,body (c)body,title,salutation (d)body,salutation,title 

 What do you think is the answer.

 I know you think it's "B"

 The correct "Answer is A"

 In a formal letter salutation simply means "Dear Sir/Ma'am" or "Dear... Follow by the person's name. "

 Then the title follows... Eg: A Letter of Financial Request for the building construction

 2. A letter of complaints is:
 (d)formal and informal.

 I know you just chose The wrong answer.

What is a letter of complaint?

 Well "A" is the correct answer.

 3. An Article is:

 (a)a letter
 (b)a memo
 (c)an essay
 (d)none of the above.

 The first time I saw this question, I was just thinking for almost 3 minutes.

     Is it "B" Or "D"

 Better still I think it "B"

 No its "C"

 That's how you waste your time and if you answer without calculating you may end up scoring "Sweet zero"

 The answer is "C"

 Let's take this last one!

 4. As as a system of communication, a given language has its own sets of _____________.

 (A) conversions.
 (B) conventions.
 (C) corrections.
 (D) conversations.

    Come on think!

 What is the answer?

 Conversation..... No wrong!

 The correct answer is B.

 Student's fail because they did not prepare

 No need to go waste your time if you don't prepare adequately. If you fail to prepare You are preparing to fail.

 I made 72% during my time, I can't tell you it was easy or difficult but am sure you can't get close if you don't prepare as if you are writing an exam that will take you to heaven.

 You did not study the right past questions. There are bulks of Unilorin Past questions that are fake, and most of them, You will find people still selling it.

 Why won't you fail, if you don't study the right materials?

 So these are the major reasons for failures.

How does Unilorin Post Utme Looks Like? 

Unilorin post utme is a CBT test The questions will be 50 in number.

 You will only have 30 minutes.

 The exam will be divided into four sections     :

 > English Language, Mathematics, General paper, and Current Affairs.

 By and large, Unilorin doesn't have an extent in which the questions are provided to applicants.

 This implies that a student may have his or her own subjects ie The ratio of 40:30:20:10 i.e Eng Lang.= 40, Mathematics=30, General Question=20, Current Affairs=10 while another candidate will have his/her blend in the proportion 50:10:30:10, etc So, therefore, every student has his own format, yet one thing is sure, you will be given 50 questions altogether.

 So if you are preparing, prepare fully. How to Pass Unilorin Post Utme 2019 Now let's get down to business.

 Below is our concluding part of this article. The goal is to score high and pass Unilorin post utme.

 Conclusively, you know your mistakes and you have learned some things above. The following two steps will lead you into getting a high score in Unilorin post-Utme 2019. So let's get down on it. So let's see what we have here.

 STEP 1: Always Test Your Capabilities.

 How good are, that is the where we start lacing a solution. First I need to ask a question. Are you ready for Unilorin 2019 Post Utme, if you are let's get started? Don't forget to Bookmark this Site if you need to revise all these.

 STEP 2: Enroll for Our Advanced Unilorin Preparation Advanced Unilorin Post Utme 2019 Preparation. 

 The advanced preparation is a more powerful solution for any student to pass Unilorin post utme.

It's an online practical step. Stay tuned to be part if it.

 STEP 3: Join Our Unilorin Post Utme WhatsApp Group. 

 Unilorin Post Utme WhatsApp group 2019 To join Unilorin post utme WhatsApp group: Message 08088698450 You will be added at no cost.

 The group will surround you with other individuals writing the exam also.

 STEP 4: You need to Know every single detail about Unilorin Post Utme.

 Always remember, information is power. Se eSeery Detail you need Concerning Unilorin post utme If you have any questions leave a comment below. All the best!