How to gain admission into Unilorin with Jupeb



The University of Ilorin happens to be among the 5th best Universities in Nigeria according to the Nigerian Universities commission rankings. Today I am going to show you how to gain admission into Unilorin with Jupeb.

Unilorin admits over 30, 000 students every year.

That high? yes. Unilorin eventually gets the highest admission seekers year to year, no need to exaggerate this because the fact remains that Unilorin is one of the best institutions in Nigeria.

This brings more reason why we all have to look into this topic ‘ How to gain Admission into the University of Ilorin, but this time with Jupeb’

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It will add more insight to yours on this topic.

Let’s look at how to gain admission in the surest way into University of Ilorin via Jupeb

Before I give you in-depth details about how to gain admission into Unilorin with jupeb let me give you the fundamental simple steps.


  • Ensure you have a Jupeb Result with Good Grades.
  • Have a good O’level result beforehand.
  • Apply For Direct Entry and choose Unilorin as the first choice.
  • Find out more details about how Unilorin gives admission to direct entry candidates.
  • Prepare for Unilorin screening exercise.
  • Participate In the Screening exercise.
  • Be hopeful for admission.

Initially, you need to have a jupeb result before you can gain admission into Unilorin with jupeb.

If you are just going to get the following information about Unilorin Jupeb programme should help.

We are going to generally expatiate the above points in details below.

 What is unilorin jupeb all about? 

Jupeb is one of the surest means of getting admission into UniIlorin and into 200 Level. Unilorin admits over 80% of those who apply with Jupeb, speaking on the current admission system in the University of Ilorin.

The rate of gaining admission into Unilorin has doubled over the years after the start of Unilorin jupeb programme.

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Jupeb means Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB).

It is a national examination body approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Jupeb has the responsibility of conducting external qualifying admission exams for her candidate, who had been through a minimum of one-year approved learning and also made the exam successfully than is seeking Direct Entry admission into the University of Ilorin.

The admission processing is quite similar to jamb, but it assures you 200 Level direct admission rather than 100 level.

Which is a whole lot of benefits?

You easily jump to 200 Level having to climb through the ladder of the jamb.

It is a huge alternative for those who didn’t make jamb or find it hard to get admission via jamb.



Applicants must possess credits in at least five relevant O’Level subjects (which must include English Language, Mathematics and any other three O’Level subjects) in WASC/SSCE, NECO, NABTEB equivalents, in not more than two sittings.

Candidates with awaiting results may also apply. Applicants are to register for a combination of 3 subjects out of 16 subjects according to their proposed course of study at the University of Ilorin.

The University will prepare candidates for JUPEB examination from 2019/2020 academic session.

Successful candidates will be eligible for Direct Entry admission (200 level) in the University of Ilorin with a chance of gaining admission into Unilorin with jupeb certificate.

Admission of JUPEB candidates into the University of Ilorin shall be based strictly on merit and other entry requirements in proportion to the admission quota of the University for various programmes.


Kindly note that your subjects are based on the course you are offering.


  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Agricultural Sciences, Chemistry, Physics
  • Economics, Government, Literature in English
  • Government, Literature in English, Islamic Religious Studies
  • Business Management, Economics, Government
  • Literature in English, Economics, Yoruba
  • Literature in English, Economics, Music
  • Literature in English, Economics, History
  • Economics, Geography, Literature-in-English
  • Economics, Geography, Mathematics
  • Government, Mathematics, Physics
  • Government, Literature-in-English, Christian Religious Studies
  • Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics
  • Mathematics, Physics, Geography
  • Chemistry, Physics, Economics
  •  Literature-in-English, Economics, Christian Religious Studies
  • Accounting, Economics, Geography
  • Accounting, Economics, Government
  • Christian Religious Studies, Government, Economics
  • Islamic Religious Studies, Government, Economics
  • Economics, Government, Mathematics
  • Business Studies, Economics, Geography
  • Biology, Economics, Government
  • Biology, Mathematics, Physics
  • Biology, Economics, Geography
  • Biology, Economics, Literature in English
  • Biology, Chemistry, Economics
  • Agricultural Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics
  • French, Government, Literature-in-English

PS: You’re to choose any of the above subject combinations as it applies to the course you choose.


Likewise stated, the admission system is base on merit.

Just like jamb if you don’t make your desired points you won’t be considered for admission.

Jupeb conducts an examination for her applied candidates, and the grading is base on 0- 15 points ( Grading).

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Each course has it own Cut off mark. In a nutshell, if you’re looking to gain admission into Unilorin with jupeb you need to get the required point for your course.

In general, you must take note that before you can gain admission into Unilorin with JUPEB, you ought to score at least a minimum of 5 points out of the total 15 points.

Please bear in mind that the University of Ilorin does not accept less than 7,8 or 9 points for most courses.



  •  JUPEB cut off mark for any science, paramedical, the administrative course is tagged at 6 points and above.
  • If you are applying for Medical courses such as Medicine, you must have had at least 12 points and above to be able to be considered eligible to gain admission to study Medicine in UNILORIN.
  • For Engineering related courses, The JUPEB cut off marks to gain admission into 200 level having done subjects such as Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry is 8 points and above.
  • For Social Sciences/Administrative Courses is a minimum of 7 points and above.
  • For those applying for Religious Studies, Languages, and most of the art related Courses in the faculty of Arts, Candidates must have at least 5 points and above to be considered eligible for admission into the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN).
  • The JUPEB cut off marks for Law is around 13 points. If you are looking at gaining into 200 level using JUPEB to study Law, you must have a minimum of 13 points to be able to gain admission.


 When does Unilorin Jupeb Registration Starts?

 It is available around November of every year and expires March of the following year at the designated registration Centers.

 How much is Unilorin Jupeb Registration form?

Unilorin Jupeb registration Form is N10, 000 depending on where you registered for the programme.

 How and where do I Register for Unilorin Jupeb?

 To register for Unilorin Jupeb you have to go to the designated centers, or call/text/WhatsApp – 08088698450,  our agents would put you through.
Alternatively, you can register at the University of Ilorin Jupeb portal.

 After collecting the form, you must mandatorily be present for a 7-8 months lecture classes at Unilorin. You would be given a Hostel accommodation and jupeb textbooks.

It is just like a mini 100 level programme

How much is Unilorin Jupeb School fee?

  •  School fee – N130, 000 ( One hundred and Thirty Thousand Naira ) for the full semester.
  • Hostel Fee – N20,  000 ( Twenty Thousand Naira)
  • Text Books – not mandatory N15, 000 ( Fifteen Thousand Naira)

 How Sure is Unilorin Jupeb ADMISSION

Like I said earlier, you are 80% guaranteed admission into Unilorin after the program if you made the required points.

In order to gain admission into Unilorin with Jupeb, the major guarantee depends on how high you score in your jupeb programme and post utme.

That is why you need to attend the Nine or sometimes, Seven or eight Months programme, where you will get all the likely questions for the examination.

After your nine months max. Lectures which usually begins November/December You will Have to sit for an examination which is usually taken June/July.

After the exam, the result would be out in a month. You will then take the direct entry form and apply for your course.

Then boom! That is it, you are 80% sure of gaining admission into Unilorin with Jupeb. The last process is to go for Unilorin Screening test and you would be admitted.

I hope i have successfully shown you all the steps needed to gain admission into Unilorin with jupeb.


All the best!

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