How to Process Unilorin Direct Entry Admission – 2019/2020

Unilorin Is one of the most competitive Schools in Nigeria.
One has to tripled serious in other to gain admission.

Step by step Guide on Processing your admission via direct entry into Unilorin.

Admission into the University of Ilorin is not an easy task lately, just in case you haven’t heard.
It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle compared to gaining Admission into Unilorin

Nonetheless, Unilorin is the highest federal institution that admits the most students. In the previous year, Unilorin was reported to have admitted over 11, 000 students. Let’s see how many it would be this year.

We all know the high competitiveness of Unilorin. Unilorin Help Mate is still trying to do ultimate research on the sole reason for Unilorin most high competitiveness.

Perhaps, you are one of the students who is officially looking forward to getting admission. This post will highlight all the process you must go through as a Direct Entry student to gain admission into the University of Ilorin.

What is Unilorin Direct Entry All About

Direct entry is the same direct entry in every institutions. There is nothing so special about Unilorin Direct Entry to other institutions.

For those who don’t know what Direct Entry means.

It is a unique process of admission that gives you direct admission access into 200 Level or 300 level in rare occasions.

Direct entry is meant for students who had a degree certificate and wishes to further his or her admission.

Nevertheless, Direct Entry is also a type of admission process for those who Did advanced level programmes like Jupeb, Ijmb or nabteb a’level.

Starting up in 200 level as a Direct students is cool, so if that is your goal we are here to scale you through.

Always remember, this; a direct entry admission is not always easy as you think.
Alot is involved, and for a school like University of Ilorin with so much rigidity you need to be well informed and make sure you do the required in order to gain admission.

I do like to inform you; University of Ilorin do not give admission to everyone seeking admission with an earlier degree, or advanced level certificate.

So many candidates are also trying to fit in for the same position as you, and it is clear as bell that they don’t have the space to fit in every one.

Take my words: Having a previous degree or advanced certificate does not absolutely mean you are guaranteed admission via Direct Entry. 
Do not feel Relaxed and feel like you already have what it takes to getting admission via Direct Entry into Unilorin, you must be at alert constantly or another year will pass by without admission.

UniIlorin Help Mate will do all the necessary to inform you of all the do’s and don’t for admission into “Federal University of Nigerian Ilorin”

Click Here To see all the Requirements of Various course and various Programmes of Unilorin in concern of Direct Entry ( D.e)

What Certificate Can be Used In Unilorin Admission Processing

In line of Direct Entry the following are acceptable Qualifications for University of Ilorin.


1. Jupeb : 

Jupeb is an advanced Level programme.
I do not know if this would sound as a good news or bad news. But be very much aware that University of Ilorin prior to time started running her own Jupeb programme.

What this Could mean is that, Unilorin would consider her own Jupeb students first, before admitting others.

And in line with this quota, the more they do this, the lesser the admission space and availability for others.

👉 Click Here on her to get a Jupeb certificate for Unilorin Admission.


2. Ijmb: 

Having Ijmb certificate is a good thing because it is one of the qualifications Unilorin stated as a means of getting admission. 
Being an advanced Programme Unilorin still admits students with Ijmb certificate.

Other Notable Certificates


* Nabteb A’Level
* Nd
* Nce


When will Unilorin Direct Entry for 2019/2020 Start and End

This is the question everyone keeps asking us here at Unilorin Help Mate.
Well if you still want to hear from me before you believe and start taking actions.

Direct entry processing for University of Unilorin had started.

The Registration for Direct Entry would always be pro-longed, even when Jamb gives you a deadline, it will still be re-opened.
Just have it at the back of your mind that a week or two before Unilorin Post Utme is a deadline.

Should I Go to the school to apply?

No you don’t have to, you can apply for Unilorin Direct Entry wherever you are, but I will advice you not to stick your head in wherever you are, try and come around the school complete your admission processing before you heck of.

Submitting your academic transcript is not ways good as done, so try and do your major processing around the school.
If you rather won’t come, make sure you follow Unilorin Help Mate, and let us know what ever help you need.

How much is Direct Entry form

Applying for Direct Entry would be done through Jamb, the form fee is N3, 500.

Follow the next section instructions to apply.

How To process My Admission in Unilorin via Direct Entry.

Follow the steps below to apply for Unilorin Direct Entry.
The total Registration Fee you would be needing is  Four thousand Seven Hundred Naira (N4,700) .
N3, 500 Registration Fees
N500 is paid to obtain the reading novel “The Last Days at Forcados High School” for DE Candidates 
You would be given: A CD containing JAMB eSyllabus, eBrochure and other vital materials for free.
  • All you have to do first is create a Profile.
  • Candidates should note that ePINS purchased are tied to individual profile and are not transferable
  • Candidates are advised to keep as private and confidential their security details such as registration numbers, password/numbers of ATM Cards, email addresses and ePINs.

Will I Write Unilorin Post Utme as a Direct Entry student.

Well! well! Well! Am sorry to say; Yes you will. 
When I was processing my admission years back, this was not so….but Unilorin discovered that the students They were getting where all not well qualified , and they would not have the space to accommodate everyone, if majority are all qualified.
So post Utme which is same with screening test was introduced to select qualified students only. 
This means no matter how high your qualification is, you fail post- Utme; NO ADMISSION.


What to do after Applying For Direct Entry.

Now this is where I need to enlighten you the most.

Don’t sit at home after applying for Direct Entry.

It is like you want to cook Jollof rice. You put the food in the fire, and don’t add Salt, maggi and Oil, and you would be waiting for it to automatically give you Jollof rice

I wish I can tell you that Admission would be automatic, but I would be lieing if I say so.

Unilorin Will not look at your face when giving you admission you have to constantly show your face and be very serious with their post Utme. It is very easy to fail.

How do I Show my face? How do I Pass post Utme? All these would be discussed in our admission tutorials.

 Take note that there is a Cut-off mark for Unilorin Post Utme for various course. Stay up to date here, or join our WhatsApp group for all updates. Have you any questions or idea drop a comment below.👇👇👇👇👇👇

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