Top 5 Unilorin Blog for News and Updates

Which Blog in Nigeria is the Best for Unilorin Updates/news and assistance?

Unilorin Help Mate happens to be the most
Reliable source for information as at 2019.


Information is power. Getting it at the right place and at the right time is key.

There are tons Unilorin websites and even the school website on it own [ @ 👉 UNILORIN.EDU.NG ], but there are only few blogs.

But it is a major concern, to Figure out the best blog, and this time not website for UniIlorin genuine updates and Information.

Why should you take this serious ?[ A blog vs Website ]

Now let me iron this very well.
Unilorin website is diffiferent from UniIlorin Blog. is a Portal or simply put a website just for the specific activities of the school. It has a semi built in blog, but does not feature sufficient and deep in updates from the school. 
If you need update you must look away from the well generalised Unilorin portal
A blog on the other hand is a platform that is updated on day to day  bases, that is the place you will find all the information in a wide spread.

I want to introduce to you the Top 5 great Unilorin blog that you can count on for information and optimal satisfaction. If you are a blog reader with Unilorin concerns this would be a great deal to meet the main blog sites.

Top 5 Unilorin trending Blog as at 2019 for News and Updates.


1. Unilorin Help Mate 

Yes! It is the Number one blog to find all UniIlorin updates.

This blog thou started out in the year 2018, but it has been moving in a fast pace to make sure Unilorin aspirants and Unilorites get the desired information.

You may wonder why this blog is so unique or the top. 

Features of Unilorin Help Mate

👌 It is specifically covering Unilorin as it focus and no other institutions which makes it more reliable. UniIlorin Help Mate post news as it is happening

👌 It feeds you with information on day to day ( worse two days intervals) with information that matters.

👌 This blog does a weekly programme called Unilorin Reality Shows. This show is an interview that speaks the mind of students. The information will enhance your knowledge about the school.

👌 This blog provides all UniIlorin past questions.

 👌 This blog provides directions and assistance for every students.

You can see more @ Unilorin Help Mate blog. This blog author is Osas Divine.

2.My School.

My school is undoubtedly, the best Education blog In Nigeria. It has been Trending for years. It features top school news for almost every institutions in Nigeria, and it has made it way to the top two blog when it comes to Unilorin News.
You can not rely on them thou for Current news as it is happening. News my appear on week intervals, but trust me they are good.


Features of My school concerning Unilorin.

👌 Unilorin Post Utme past questions
👌 Unilorin Updates.

3. Unilorin Edu news

Thankful enough Unilorin has her own  News channel. You can also get updates here.

👉 Click Here To see Unilorin EDU news


4. Naija News 

Like I said earlier, there are only few blogs you can rely on for Unilorin current updates that matters. These blog are just generalising Unilorin main headline. Naija news is one of the blog you can count on. Cons of naija news – Updates  usually comes up month to month.

 5. Wakeschools formally known as Bentenblog

See who made it here. Wakeschool is the top 5 Unilorin News blog.
I hope you won’t have any problem with Unilorin best blog for News and update.
Do you have any questions, or view as regards this topic Please share your idea with us with the comment below. Share this post and always check in for updates

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