UniIlorin Acceptable Dressing Code For Students


Unilorin acceptable dressing code for students

Come to think of it dressing well is what attracts people to you not your intellect, personality or sense of humor. Below is  Unilorin acceptable dressing code for students. So I hope this Unilorin dress code advice enriches you.

The way you are dressed is the way you’ll be addressed. UniIlorin stands as one of the Top Universities in Nigeria with a Unique standard.

This is why she has her motto as ” Better by Far “.

A lot of Students Get banned or rusticated Yearly simply because of their dressing Lifestyle.

As a question of fact, is there such a thing as ” Unilorin dressing code for post Utme?”
We have gotten similar queries, let’s find out.

Bury this article as a seed in your heart, this article is a precise Unilorin acceptable dressing code advice for students and aspirants.

Before I take time to give you the appropriate dressing pattern for Unilorin let me enlighten you a bit.

Before i start giving a deep answer, let me let you in with a simple answer.

The acceptable Unilorin dressing code is that which has no form of an exposed body, hooliganism style or rough style.

Unilorin dress Code for Post Utme?

Unilorin dress code for post utme is a simple dress that speaks well of a student and not a party rock star. Dress as you want to be addressed.

When you go to write your post Utme you will be given a magazine that contains Unilorin acceptable dress code for students.

 What you must know about dressing

What is exactly do you think is the true Definition of beauty?

Beauty is what you have upstairs, it is not putting on big chains in your neck, tieing handkerchief on your head, Carrying Cocked hairstyles, using makeups or whatever you think is the fashion trend to you, that is the advice i should give you.

You needn’t give yourself the wrong appearance.

Unilorin dress code enforcement paved out a way of identifying those who are in school for show off or education.

It’s nice to look good, but when you are letting it out of hand it will ruin your life as a student.

What you want is to come out with good grades, no one will score you for dressing.

Don’t let people see you as a ruffian or they will treat you like one let them see you as a responsible person. Like it or not, how you appear before the public has a huge effect on how people will see and take you.

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world. Your main purpose of going to school is to learn, and the Board of Unilorin has decided that one of the things you must learn is an acceptable dressing pattern for a responsible citizen.

Celebrities in Nigeria are actually major promoters of seamless dressing.

If you want to gain attention why not use your brain and intellect. As a human, dressing well, speaks the volumes about you without you having to open your mouth.

It shows you are responsible and have a sense of humor; Not like the Fashion minded useless empty-headed young boys and girls.

You will always feel more confident when you’re dressed in a nice & well fitting clothing as opposed to being raggedy.

Put effort into your dressing life when you become a Unilorin Student, don’t just roll out of bed in the morning and jump out with whatever you feel like.

Unilorin dress code enforcement gave an extra beauty to Unilorin being better by far and a distinguished institution.

Try this experiment if you don’t believe me; Put on a nice suit, a good pair of dress shoes & a nice watch.

Dress like you’re going to a wedding, essentially, i mean dress very nice. Then go to a very crowded place.

Such as a shopping mall or major retail store, as a Unilorite you can try it around the school.

Then, go up to a stranger, and plead that your phone died or you lost your phone & ask to borrow their cell phone to make a phone call.

Ask 15 people & I guarantee at least 10 if not all 15 of those 115 people will hand it over with no hesitation.

They may even smile at you & be friendly.

Oh! Oh! Wait, the next day, get a pair of trousers, put some holes in them & sag it as best as you can.

Get the most rugged t-shirt you can find, Put on some big-big party shoe. Don’t comb your hair or leave it like a ruffian’s hairstyle.

Go out and Ask to borrow someone’s phone & really watch their reaction.

You’ll begin to see apprehension. He/she would first take time to look at you from head to toe, and even Doubt if you are not one of the fraudsters that are looking for ways to invade privacies via mobile, in fact, they may even lie to you & tell you their phone is dead or they don’t have airtime.

Which is bullshit since nearly every person has a cellphone with very few exceptions.

Your look will unsettle these people for the sole reason that you are being judged & sized up based on your appearance.

They will fear you & try to possibly avoid you because your appearance raises red flags. I know what you’re thinking. That cliche “ You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.”

That’s a very nice sentiment but in our cynical, competitive world, it is a very rare occurrence for someone not to make impressions of you based on how you look initially.

For instance, take a look at Yahoo boys in Nigeria we all know how they get embarrassed due to dressing mode.

Stop feeling too big of yourself to think you can become a king or queen by dressing heaven and earth. No real beauty and fashion are what you have in your head. W

When Unilorin acceptable dress code for students was first enforced. I was really freaked, it didn’t actually sound cool, because i thought it all depends on what you feel suits you. So a student has to keep a low hair cut, dress solely in trousers and a simple T-shirt, what about the big guys and girls lifestyle, these would certainly be cut out.

It sounded like being old-school initially.

But later when I learned all this advice I am giving you, I began to see the true meaning of dressing.

A new dressing lifestyle may not only bring the right people to you, but it will also give you little respects in the sight of Lecturers I hope I have convinced you enough.


 Further details on Unilorin Dress code pattern.

Now let look into the acceptable Unilorin dress code pattern.

Let me remind you that Awards and Degree are also based on Dressing so don’t see this as big stuff just adapt and you would enjoy your stay in the school.

The wrong dressing is disallowed in Lecture Halls, Library, Laboratories, Examination Venues, Seminar Rooms, Faculties, and Administrative building as well as in University Vehicles.

Most Compulsory:


 Note: /Most Faculties and Departments have prescribed Dress Codes for their students. Students in such Faculties or Departments are expected to comply with such Codes. 



You are the Queen of Africa so dress like an African queen.  You can do your beauty fashion outside and not within the school premises.


 I am happy to announce that Weaving, plaiting, braiding, fixing and wigs are acceptable.

But the problem is hair extensions with colors such as; Blue, Green, White, Yellow, Red, Pink, and Purple or a combination of any of these colors are not acceptable.

Neatly keep, pack or weave your hair; remember the guys are looking up to the female.


 Make sure whatever you are wearing is below the knee level.

And your traditional and corporate clothing that do not reveal sensitive parts of your body is welcomed.

However, Dress that exposes any sensitive parts of the body e.g. cleavage, chest, back, navel, thigh and armpit (clothes that reveal the armpits when hands are raised e.g. sleeveless/half sleeves), Transparent or See through wears Leggings/Jeggings trousers with short top, Skimpy dresses e.g. Spaghetti, Camisole only, body hugs, topless blouse, and shorts, Bathroom slippers ( within the administrative and academic areas) Heavy make-ups, are all the unacceptable wears.



I know you wanna get attention from the female folks but at least do it decently.


Your hair should be neat and well combed at all time. Don’t feel you can carry rough bushy hair around the school if you don’t want people to look at you as dirty.

Yes, it does not matter what people think, but don’t forget you are in school, you are nothing without others.

Colored hair is not accepted except it is natural so don’t even think of carrying sprayed hair around the school, the haircuts should not carry inscriptions; Do not curl your hair. Unilorin does not accept artificial dreadlocks, plaiting, weaving or braiding of hair for the guys, it is not a fashion school, keep your fashion at home, if you are keeping beards make sure it is well kept.

Don’t carry beards like Terrorists. Funny right! We’re still out for Boko-haram agents.


You would not be allowed to wear tight trousers, or tattered/ripped Jeans, those types that have a hoe or look rugged.

T-shirts with obscene inscriptions, ( like shirts you know has immoral writings as a design). Guys, please refrain from any depicting or hooliganism looks like markings and body tattoos these are well checked.

Knickers are not allowed just trousers, nice tops, and T-shirts. Luckily pencil trousers are allowed but must be fitted with Cool, nice and decent Top.

Many students get banned once the school notices and immoral appearance. Unilorin wants the best name for its self and that is why these Unilorin dress code for students are relevant.

So respect your self first so that you can be respected by others

PLEASE NOTE; Bathroom slippers are not acceptable within the administrative and academic areas. ! SOME STUDENTS CAN REALLY BE FUNNY. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 

” Laugh one kill me!”

If you Sag trousers into Unilorin they will sag you out! Please, I know you want to be like wizkid, for the guys who are doing fine boy by Wearing earrings or piercing their ears, wait till you get out if you want your stay to last.😸😸😸😸

Try and be clean enough do not put on Rumpled and dirty clothes, RESPECT IS RECIPROCAL! Finally, keep your hair low. Dread, Galax, Fadeout and Rough Coil Haircuts, or Unkempt appearance are not welcomed


Unilorin dress code for post utme
Unilorin dress code pattern


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