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Unilorin post utme guide

Have you noticed that students fail the most because they are not guided? Today i am going to anchor you through with this best Unilorin post Utme guide you will ever read in 2019.

There is every chance that if you read this guide with due focus; then you should definitely see your name in Unilorin admission first list in 2019.

Does that sound interesting?

I have been to so many websites. Guess what? All there is about Unilorin post utme is the same old stories you have been hearing.

Good news! Of all the sites you have been to, this will be one of the best that will show you exactly what a student should do to gain admission into Unilorin by first performing well (scoring high) in Unilorin post utme.

Please pause for a moment, yes i want to show you exactly what you need to know in this Unilorin post utme guide.

But i recommend that you read this alongside HOW DOES UNILORIN GIVE ADMISSION?

It will show you things you should focus on the most while fighting your way through Unilorin admission in 2019.

I have a very strong conviction that if you stick around with me for a moment and read this guide carefully you would be way different from everyone out of hundreds of student who would be writing Unilorin post-Utme exam 2019.

There is always a good choice and there is always a better choice. There is always the best choice and there is always a choice to choose. If only you can imagine. the power of information as you are holding right now, you will always make the right choice and the right choice will put you in the right place at the right time.


With the help of our experts’ review,  yearly experience and common facts; This complete Unilorin post utme guide will explain everything you need to know about Unilorin post utme.

Before i start this guide i have to tell you this.

Words like;

“Somebody told me…..”
” I heard that…….”


Whatever has to do with you getting information from anyone without you putting any in-depth effort to see deep into the root, will not help you this year in Unilorin admission pursue.

Here is what i mean.

Information can guide you, but it can mislead you at the same time.

We have seen many cases of students who are made to believe wrong facts about Unilorin post utme exam base on what they heard.

Not everything you hear is true, always find things out for yourself and don’t seek people you don’t trust for information.

Unilorin Help Mate will always remain here to guide you, connect with us.

Are you ready for a journey with me through this Unilorin post utme guide? Alright take a chilled glass of water and let’s ride on.

Format and nature of Unilorin post Utme

Unilorin post utme format is not revealed to anyone, but base on what we have been seeing over the years the format of Unilorin question varies from course to course.

So how does Unilorin set post utme question?

Unilorin sets post utme question uniquely for every candidate and every department. In order words, Unilorin will test your base on the course you have applied for!

But i should tell you, the questions are however similar for everyone but the number of questions that a student will get in a subject varies for every candidate.

In essence, every candidate will have to answer the same four subjects but in different ratios.

I hope that is clear enough.

Area of Concentration for Unilorin Post Utme.

  • Concentrate on ‘English language’ more. Most especially Lexis and structure.
  • Also, concentrate on the little things that you will find in Current affairs.
  • You need little knowledge of Biology and geography and other subjects in general paper.
  • Concentrate on basic mathematical topics like simple and compound interest. There won’t be any complex topic such as matrix or surds.


In details

So unfortunate, the vast majority of unilorin aspirants who scored high in Unilorin post utme, are those who truly prepared base on what is needed.

But all thanks to this Unilorin post Utme guide because it will surely guide you through.

There is a wrong and right way to prepare for Unilorin post utme.

To be frank with you reading just any book does not count.

Learn more: How to gain sure admission into UnilorinHow to gain sure admission into Unilorin

So, i think this question makes sense; What is the area of concentration for Unilorin post Utme?

In the next episode of this Unilorin post Utme guide 2019, we are going to expand on this subject and i am going to reveal to you exactly where questions would come out from in 2019.

Facts about Unilorin Post Utme

  • Evidently, Unilorin post utme is not as difficult as it is deemed unless you fail to prepare.
  • Unilorin Post Utme is a test of smartness and efficiency, not just intelligence
  • The nature of Unilorin post utme is to know how quick and savvy your brain conveys content.
  • The nature of Unilorin post utme is also to know how great you’re in  ‘English language’. Due to English language misconception system in Nigeria now.
  • And finally, Unilorin needs to know the amount of Knowledge you know about your nation.


Some Frequently Asked questions about Unilorin Post Utme.

This section of this Unilorin post utme guide is important as you will find some information useful.

When will Unilorin Utme Commence in 2019?

Unilorin Post Utme will commence around August/September 2019.

So if you’re asking, When will Unilorin Post Utme registration start for 2019? It’s around August/September otherwise stated.

Unilorin Help Mate will update this once the real date is known.


What are the requirements for Unilorin Post Utme?

Above all else, you are required to choose Unilorin as your first or second choice in your Jamb or direct entry form.

You must have sat for your O’level and have acquired the basic O’level requirements.

You must also have the required cut off mark to be qualified for Unilorin post utme.

Does Unilorin Accept Awaiting Results for post Utme?

No, for O’level, Unilorin doesn’t accept awaiting results as there is no choice to fill awaiting result in the form. You should have your O’level ready.

For Direct Entry, yes you can apply with awaiting the result, provided your result is available before the registration closes.


Is Unilorin PPT or CBT?

Unilorin Post Utme is Computer based test (CBT) So be prepared to face the Computer.

In our next Unilorin post Utme guide, we would treat the use of Computer topic for Unilorin screening exercise.

What number of questions is given in Unilorin Post Utme and what is the time given?

You have to answer 50 questions in Unilorin post Utme under 30 minutes.

Which subjects will I write in Unilorin Post Utne

The questions are in four classifications which are:

English Language, general paper, mathematics, and current affairs.


When will Unilorin Post Utme 2019 Form be Out?

As of now,, Unilorin Post Utme form is not yet Out. It may be out around August/September.

How much does Unilorin Post Utme form/registration cost?

No fixed amount. Thou, Unilorin post utme cost around Two thousand Five hundred Naira (N2, 500) or Three thousand Naira (N3, 000); as the case may be.

Where to register or buy Unilorin Post Utme For?

Unilorin post utme form can be bought or registered in any cafe ad long as they know the basic steps.

It is not compulsory you register for Unilorin Post Utme inside the school. All that is needed to access the form online in Unilorin portal.


When will Unilorin Post Utme form Close in 2019?

Since we don’t know the date for the registration yet, we can’t say when it will close but It should be available around two weeks.


What is Unilorin Post Utme Cut off departmental cut off Mark?

Unilorin post utme cut off mark is 50%, but around 60% to 70% for competitive courses.


Will my course still be changed in the event that I score high in Post Utme?

Frankly speaking, it is a common occurrence in Unilorin, that is not for certain thou, it depends on some other factors, a Medical candidate can get Zoology.

Read this: Factors Used to give admission in Unilorin

What is Unilorin post utme Dress Code?

Unilorin post Utme dress code is a none existing term. However, dress responsibly like a student going for an exam and do not go with the exposed body.

Please don’t forget your brain at home.

When will Unilorin Post Utme result be out?

Unilorin Post Utme result would be out as from 8 pm of the day you wrote your exam, so ensure you give a dependable phone number amid the registration.

You can likewise check your result in the School Portal.

Where is the location for Unilorin post Utme?

Unilorin post Utme will hold in two centers.

Lagos center and Ilorin center.

What is the address for Unilorin post utme Lagos center?

Unilorin lagos center is situated at Oba Akran road. Lagos State.


What is the address for Unilorin post utme Ilorin center?

Unilorin post utme, Ilorin center is at the school premises in Ilorin (fufu).


Will the school Provide accommodation for students writing Unilorin Post Utme?

No, the school does not give accommodation for Unilorin post utme in case you’re coming from far.

Be that as it may, we can help you when the time comes.

Simply ring us on WhatsApp: 08088698450

How can I Change My Institution during Unilorin Post Utme?

Jamb handles this. If you don’t mind visit JAMB site for further details for a change of institution.

But, you can change your during Unilorin post utme if only you don’t meet the cut off marks.

More details in our next episode of this Unilorin post utme guides


What Kind of documents do we need to Upload for Unilorin post utme registration?

The major document you need for Unilorin post utme registration is your O’ Level, well-resized passport photograph, jamb/D.e score.


Will Direct Entry students will write Unilorin Post Utme

Yes, direct entry student must compulsorily take part in the post utme in order to be qualified.

Direct Entry (DE) Candidates ought to guarantee that their transcript is sent by the Awarding Institution to the Admission Office, University of Ilorin, Kwara state for DE Admission handling.


How Does Unilorin calculate Post Utme Score?

Unilorin post utme score is calculated in a unique format unknown to the public.

However, it’s worthy of note that Unilorin post utme is graded in 100% with 50% as the benchmark required to gain admission regardless of the course.

But you can make a guess. The total grading percent is 100% and you have 50 questions to answer.

Unilorin post Utme expo.

Finally, we are getting to the climax of this Unilorin post utme guide.

I have no doubt you have learned a lot.

There is no such thing as Unilorin expo or time pausing. If you’re caught with an exhibit.

You have failed with flying colors. See you next year!

How to pass Unilorin post utme


  • Study A-Z Use of English
  • Read a complete Current affair book.
  • Solve Unilorin Post Utme past question every day in 30 days before the exam.
  • Read more Unilorin Post Utme guides like this.
  •  Be smart and efficient with time Usage.

Very soon, we are going to roll out more powerful Unilorin post utme guides and we are going to reveal so many secrets of passing Unilorin post Utme.

Before then please read this: How to Score High in Unilorin Post Utme.


After Unilorin Post Utme what next.

After Unilorin Post Utme, the next step is to wait for your result. Your result will tell you what next to do.

Like i said earlier, the result should be out at 8 pm of the day you wrote the exam.

All the best!

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