How to Pass Unilorin Freshers Test

‘Unilorin freshers test’ is a yearly occurrence in the University of Ilorin for every fresher. Today I am going to reveal how to pass ‘Unilorin freshers test’ with everything you need to know.

Unilorin freshers test


What is ‘Unilorin freshers test’?

‘Unilorin freshers test’ is a mandatory test written by all students who gain Admission into the University of Ilorin. The test is written in order to access the knowledge of the student.

It is the welcoming hot tea‘. The purpose of it is to wake you up from your slumber and remind you that you just entered the higher institution. At last, you’ve left the comfort of your home to face school life.

Is ‘Unilorin freshers test’ compulsory?

Well, have you heard of students facing take? Mmmh! it’s our common slang for students who will not survive as a student for long in the school.

More so, it is likely compulsory for every new intake in the school if you don’t want the school to withdraw you.

Remember the number of admitted students is way too high.

So the test will determine whether or not you’re supposed to be in the course you are given or you’re not even qualified to be in the school at all.

So you should deem it necessary.

Don’t forget I said its a hot tea.

You need that to wake you up. So if you’re a fresher in the University of Ilorin. You need to dream of the test and see it as important as unilorin post utme.

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  • Once you get Admission don’t play off, continue study.


  • Meet with any recent 200 level student In your department who was recently a fresher and get more information from him/her.


  • Have a powerful planned structured and a mindset of graduating with a first class.


  • It’s not Just about ‘passing Unilorin freshers test’ The question is are you ready for school.


  • 5. Build a study circle with your common course mate and prepare together.

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These five techniques will not only help you pass the test,  but it will give you a basic foundation and preparation for your first-semester life in the school.

So without further ado, let’s dive into some brief explanations.


At a time I used to think when I enter the University,  it would be a time of freedom and I only have to do less in order to graduate.

But I was wrong, I discovered there was a difference in just being In school and graduating with a first class.

Currently, in the Nigeria Labour market, first class graduates are superior.

That was when I realized I had to be one in order to become a useful resource for the economic system of Nigeria.

But come to think of it, the University of Ilorin is not one of those schools where students living wayward life is rampant; Or rather a place where lecturers don’t come to class.

As a matter of fact, unilorin is far from an institution you can constitute a nuisance as a student.

They don’t breed lazy goats, rather they produce Serious students.

In a nutshell,  graduating as a first-class grade is ever daunting in all federal universities and unilorin is worse.

Most eminently, for students in the pure science department.

Don’t get me wrong though,  even a course like ‘English language’ is as well-known to be stressful and it won’t be so light to graduate with a first class.

All these should create a storming alarm for the incoming freshers who thinks University life is just about mare going to class.

In summary, once you’re given admission. Do not be over relaxed.

continue in preparation relating to the course you’re going to study. If you start preparing beforehand, it’s a promise that you would find Unilorin exams and test cheap, while 80% deem it as difficult.


A wise man believes iron sharpens iron. Indisputably, if you want to make it and succeed In Unilorin, you need to find out how stuff works within your department.

Meet with any of a higher level student and let him or her show you what works and what doesn’t.

Meeting a mass communication student when you are studying nursing is not going to make any good difference.

Meet someone of whom studies the same course as you’re.

Don’t relentlessly depend on yourself. It really matters. Yes, that’s the way things work at the University of Ilorin.

Secluding yourself is a sign of unseriousness.

Blend along with someone and I trust you’ll learn so many things you didn’t know.



Most students who got admission are among those who almost lost hope while they were trying to seek admission.

So it’s possible these sets of students are least prepared for School life.

However, few unilorin aspirants don’t really know how prepared they need to be.

If I were you, I will put down all forms of distractions such as too much sociality and social media distractions if you want to progress and not digress in the University of Ilorin.

I should also say, some people are not the same. So try what works for you and adapt to it even if you feel uncomfortable with it.


Two heads are better than one on many occasions.

Study group really help and I cannot emphasize much about that.

Remember our goal here is to pass unilorin freshers test among other examinations you Will be writing in the school.

Students who graduate with first class don’t do it all by their personal efforts but with the combination of knowledge gathered from every other student in their circle.

In conclusion:

Embrace group study and exchange your knowledge.

Not all groups are advisable though, most groups are crafted to cause blunders in your life.

When seeing bad, you don’t need me to tell you to run; Do you?

Do you understand this? Let’s go ahead then.

Bottom Line:

Whether or not you will do well in ‘Unilorin freshers test’, and your first year at the school; it depends on the actions you will take after reading this.

Are you going to sit and do nothing or you’re going to start talking actions from now?

Nothing is too early,  but it can be too late.

Start taking action from now according to all you have learned from this article.

Do you have any question, then leave a reply.



All the best!

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