How to Gain Admission into Unilorin 2019/2020

Unilorin admission

how to gain admission into unilorin

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, everyone wishes to gain admission. If you have chosen the University of Ilorin as a choice of institution in 2019/2020 session then let me show you a step by step rules on how to gain admission into Unilorin.

To gain admission into Unilorin is not a cakewalk, it is particularly challenging especially for most aspirants who do not originate from any of the specified catchment areas, pertaining to the University of Ilorin.

I know how much effort you’re willing to put in the interest of gaining admission into the University of Ilorin.

But I must say; it is not for you to decide, what will establish your admission is your qualification.

The University of Ilorin is one of the most prestigious Universities in Nigeria. Apparently, the admission criteria would be complex for an average aspirant presenting the least qualification.

The Joint admission and matriculation board examination has just been concluded and the fact is, many students failed and many passed.

Despite that, almost everyone will want to gain admission into Unilorin.

So let me ask you;

Are you a direct entry applicant? Or rather, you’re a jambite?

Whichever case, I am about to show you some prerequisite on how to gain admission into Unilorin in the most certain way.

The truth is, admission Would be Sure for you this year (2019) If you follow everything from this guide on how to gain admission into Unilorin.

You heard most people talk about how daunting Admission is in the University of Ilorin, haven’t you?

It is usually frustrating when you apply for a course like engineering in the University of Ilorin, made your points but ended up getting none related course? It is the principle problem students encounter at the University of Ilorin.

Moreover, so many of you have applied to the University of Ilorin several times, and all your efforts end up being abortive.

The first list was released you didn’t find your name, Second list; No Admission and so on till the extent that you got frustrated about the University of Ilorin admission.

You might have even said to yourself: “If I don’t get admission this year I won’t apply for Unilorin again.”

Dear friend, all good things take an effort to come up with. It may be so easy for you to excel in Jamb, yet no matter what you had in Jamb, no matter your Advanced Level grades you have to fight further if you want to end up getting admitted into Unilorin.

Unilorin is not a playground, please take this Unilorin Admission guide dearly.

“Unilorin admission is like 30, 000 people, fighting to pass through a very small door into a bus, at the same time, if you don’t struggle hard the bus would get filled before you enter”.

You must be ready for everything, today I want to reveal the innermost critical on how to gain admission into Unilorin 2019/2020 session.

This should be able to help you gain admission into Unilorin if you understand the simple principles.

Now let me ask you, it is most likely you studied mathematics in your secondary school. So, let me believe you can answer this very simple question.

If you have got to answer a question like this: ” What rate will the interest on N400 increase to N24 in 3 years reckoning in simple interest?”

Of course, this question is too cool for some gurus, but yet a lot of people do not know this.

That is the problem.

Now let’s assume this question is a given problem that you have to solve.

How do you get the right answer?

There is only one way to answer this question.

And that is: “Finding the formula for the problem”

Remember I am not here to teach you Mathematics, I am giving this as an example, for you to understand certain life concepts and ideas on how to gain admission into Unilorin.

My point here is:

The way to solve a problem is to use the formula for that problem.

The University of Ilorin has a formula which you can use to gain admission.

I hope you got my point now.

You cannot wait for iroko tree to grow in sandy soil; in essence, you should not be hoping for admission when you have not taken any steps that are recommended.

The purpose of this guide is to help you figure out the formula used for admission at the University of Ilorin so that we can finally solve your admission issues.

Now the big question you should be asking yourself is; “What is the exact formula or strategy that must aspirants have been using to gain admission into Unilorin?”

I won’t leave you without answering that so just read attentively.

PS: These steps I am about to give you, will definitely give you 90/100 admission chances.

In furtherance of gaining admission into Unilorin, here are seven steps specified on how to gain admission into Unilorin.

Unilorin admission system is quite fair but I do not want to jump to the conclusion that it is open to everyone.

Of course, it’s base on the qualifications you have and nothing more.

Below is the formula for Unilorin Admission processing, it might be a bit critical to comprehend, but we will rationalize it together.

Formula 1: High Jamb score + High Post Utme Score + Standard O’level score.

Formula 2: Be Determined and Fight for a chance (don’t sit and wait for it to come like the patient dogs, be the roaring lion).

The higher you score the more your admission becomes certain.

Don’t sit at home and wait for admission and stop blaming the school for not giving you Admission, it all lies in your hand.

Take it or leave, there is no other miracle you can use to get admission into Unilorin if your jamb score, post utme score and O’level result does not meet the requirements.

“If this is not your first time to apply for admission to the University of Ilorin, take note of this advice: “Failure is an event that takes place in everyone’s life, it is not a determinant of who you truly are, don’t let the label get stuck on you. If one dream dies, dream another dream”.

The people who always define themselves by the failures they encounter in their life never make it.

Believe is vital.

If this is your first time to apply for admission into the University of Ilorin, you had better sit up tightly and ensure you get it once, you never know how difficult it will become tomorrow so do whatever you can do now.

So what is the exact Unilorin Admission System?

In the bottom line; Unilorin admission system is base on qualification and not manipulations, it is as simple as that.

Your jamb/D.e points will be calculated alongside other required qualifications.

2. Ensure your Jamb Score is higher than the cut off mark.

The next ideal step on how to gain admission into Unilorin is to provide a very strong basic qualification.

Remember we initially said the system of Unilorin admission is base on your qualifications.

Simply put, you need the highest score you can get either in jamb or any of the direct entry programs.

Jambites, you need to score higher than the course you applied for with at least twenty marks or your chance will be too little to stand ground in the competition.

Direct entry candidates you need to score above the cut off mark for the course you applied for with at least 2 or 3 points ( ijmb and jupeb) and upper credit for others, or you will be placed in the admission thrash list.

So many students who scored as high as 260 in the Joint admission and matriculation board examination was rejected.

High score matter’s a lot, please do not think otherwise.

Remember that over a hundred thousand students will choose the University of Ilorin either as first, second or third choice.

Inopportunely, only eleven thousand (11,000) applicants will be taken into consideration for admission in every session.

What makes you stand out is your Jamb score or whatever qualification you have.

It is stated by the school that applicants should only apply with their most suitable qualifications.

3. Direct entry candidate must use only acceptable qualifications.

In addition to point two above, I want to also create an alarm for direct entry.

It would be very advisable to save yourself the trouble if you are using a qualification that has already faded out you will only have to write jamb again the following year because you won’t be given admission.

For example, admission with Nabteb A’level has already faded out as regards the University of Ilorin and that is incontrovertible.

Don’t make your life too stressful, if you do not have the right qualification please go for jamb. Choose the right qualification carefully.

The time has gone when Ijmb used to be much and open to anyone from any race.

But now, to be more candid; Ijmb is still quite in use but limited.

Ps: Seek the attention of our staffs here at Unilorin Help Mate to Confirm that your qualification is still quite of a strong chance if you are a D.e candidate.

Remember I am talking about Unilorin admission criteria for 2019/2020. This is not 2018, so it is left for you to agree or disagree.

The harsh truth is:

The wise student would take actions when the time is right while the Sceptical aspirants would say ” Let me give a try”.

I hope the next time you have a chance like this year the admission requirement will not be way difficult.

4. Ensure you use the right O’level Combination.

I know you want to gain admission into the University of Ilorin, right?

Okay, now you asked me; ” How do I gain admission into the University of Ilorin”

And I am answering accordingly as well as giving you some few criteria.

Now can I ask you, how does your O’level Score look like?

Does it look like the one that has many A’s, B’s or C’s? Just in case you didn’t know, O’level is just another substantial requirement that cannot be ignored if you have to get admission into Unilorin.

Stop wasting those precious years in your life, because you will continue to fight for admission unless you go back and check your O’level result.

No institution in Nigeria will admit you if you don’t meet the required standards.

In the University of Ilorin. There is a difference between using one sitting and two sittings. With no doubts, the applicants having just one sitting in all relevant subject and has met other requirements will be placed before someone with two sittings.

O’level result is a fundamental admission criterion to gain admission into Unilorin 2019/2020 session.

Using nabteb A’level waec for relevant courses or science and social science courses is a big waste of time.
Look into all the qualifications you have and ask yourself, can I really gin admission.?

5. Ensure you have at least 5 relevant Credits in O’level.

Another criterion for admission into the University of Ilorin is to ensure you have at least 5 credits in all the relevant subjects that suit the course you have.

If you need Biology, get it and don’t substitute it with geography.

Also, if what you need is Government get it and don’t replace it with some other O’level subject.

Do you understand? That’s good!
Without any doubts, you know that English Language is compulsory for all courses.

So do your best to get a good O’level result. If you do not have the required O’level requirements do not hesitate to re-write another one and ensure you have the result ready before Unilorin Post Utme Registration.

6. You must score higher than post utme Cut off mark

I have made special reference to high jamb score, standard o’ level result and Now here comes post-Utme.

Remember the formula one, I shared above on how to gain admission into Unilorin; we said you need High Jamb score + High Post Utme Score + Standard O’level score.

Unilorin is that school that does not joke with their post utme exam as a standard qualification for admission.
If other institutions in Nigeria place 30% of admission qualification in Post Utme, the University of Ilorin
Post utme is the second certificate of competence if one must gain admission into Unilorin.

There are specific post utme cut off mark for each course/program offered in the University of Ilorin.

You need to score higher the specified cut off with at least 10 points extra. If you can pass the cut off mark with 60% points instead, chances are you will get the admission but get a different course entirely.

It is left for the school to decide if they

willing to grant your admission request if you fairly passed the post utme Average. So to be very sure of admission aim higher than 10 marks.

7. Apply for a Course that you can contend for.

Finally, the very last way on how to get admission into Unilorin is to apply for a course that is in the range of your strength.

Remember your strength is the combination of your jamb score, O’level score and post utme score.

The bad news is:

You cannot change course by the time you see your post utme score.

But, you can still decide to change course after seeing your jamb or direct entry result if it is not strong enough for admission to stand ground in the competition.

Try applying for either of the Unilorin non-competitive courses and be very careful when dealing with any Unilorin competitive courses.

Do I need Connection to Gain Admission into Unilorin?


This is a question that has been bothering you.

You really want to know if it is a must or there is a possibility to use a connection to gain admission into the University of Ilorin especially when your qualification is poor.

Unilorin admission

As a matter of fact, you have heard that the surest means of gaining admission into the University of Ilorin is to be connected to someone, is that right?

The board of the University of Ilorin understands that, but first, I would like to debunk the idea that Unilorin admission is based on connections.

Unilorin admission is based on qualifications, not manipulations.

So what of those who have gained admission into the University of Ilorin with a connection?

I would like to reference the answer to this question based on an article written by Divine ( Unilorin Help mate administrator ) on his personal blog, it was well explained.

In that article, Osas Divine raised a point whereby over a hundred thousand students apply for admission, but only 11, 000 thousand would be admitted as regard to the number of applicants that Unilorin admits each year.

You see, In order to decide the best amongst the high number of a lot has to be considered.

Also, Osas Divine raised a point attesting to the fact that most Lectures and H.O.D’s are given special admission slots.

For us to really draw out the main idea here, you will agree with me that it’s normal for a lecturer to help their relatives secure admission slot.

Against this background, the student should at least be qualified.

So, let us put out a straight forward answer.

The truth is, you do not need a connection to gain admission into the University of Ilorin and the University of Ilorin does not manipulate the admission list but releases a list which is deemed as a list for the best fits students.

For example, if you scored below the general cut off mark, and you offer to pay money for admission, it would be a waste of time because you are trying to manipulate things or buy admission.

Admission is strictly base on qualification.

Regarding those that gain admission with connection, those people used the opportunity that lecturers and staffers of the University of Ilorin board have, to secure admission for close ones regardless of presenting the exact qualifications.

In a nutshell, I think the so-called connection stuff does not function grammatically, we have to use it since that is the language Nigerians understands.

On the flip side, you can gain admission if you have a trusted and authoritative staff willing to stand on your behalf.

That is all concerning gaining admission into Unilorin with a connection.

How many students will Unilorin Admit this year?

Another question we have received in the past is: ” How many students will Unilorin Admit this year being 2019

Okay, how do we iron that?

Well, if you look out the number of students the University of Ilorin admits in the previous years, it is most likely that Unilorin will admit Eleven thousand (11, 000) students this year.

This had happened for several years and there is no signal that Unilorin will admit any more than that.

As a curious aspirant looking for the best means on how to gain admission into Unilorin, we advise not to look at those things that are not necessary, your goal is to score high and that is all.

Did you expect the school to admit everyone? In fact, Unilorin is one of the institutions in Nigeria that admits the most students as opposed to the 3, 000 ( three thousand) to 5, 000 ( five thousand students that the University of Ibadan (ui) admits.

So be happy that the admission spots is quite large enough for you to gain a chance.

How many List does Unilorin release?


The First list otherwise known as the first batch is primarily for student’s who are most qualified; i.e they have met the cut-off mark and even scored higher, and they chose Unilorin as the first choice.

The second list is also for those who are qualified but more in favor of those students from the catchment area, however, the students in this list also made the University of Ilorin their first choice.

The Supplementary list is meant for students who did not meet the cut off mark for their selected course, these students are usually given another course as long as he she reaches the stipulated cut off mark by jamb for the University of Ilorin is 180.

The V.c list, on the hand, is meant for special students selected by the University staffs such as professors, VC, deans, senators and other high staffers who may meet or did not meet the required cut off mark.

How does Unilorin Give admission?

For you to certainly gain admission into the University of Ilorin you need to know exactly how Unilorin gives admission

We have taken our time to explain this: Click here to see exactly how Unilorin gives admission.

However, the basic thing you should know is admission always come by qualification and if you are lucky, you can get a high official to stand by you.

That being said, I cannot promise your admission unless you try to perform well.

You can also find a more detailed guide on how Unilorin gives admission in the article written by Osas Divine ( Unilorin Help Mate administrator ).

How to pass Unilorin Post Utme

I have emphasized a lot about post utme being the fundamental qualification to gain admission into Unilorin; if you truly want a better admission chance then you have to strive hard to score a high mark in unilorin post utme.

So how do I pass Unilorin post utme in order to gain admission?

Many thanks to Osas Divine (Unilorin help mate administrator) He has provided a well-detailed guide on all you need to pass Unilorin post utme 2019 from A-z. Click here to read the full article on passing Unilorin Post Utme.

In addition, you can read the article prepared by Unilorin helpmate on How to score high in Unilorin Post Utme.

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