Unilorin help mate

We are a big league in Education.

Unilorin Help mate is a platform designed for Unilorin aspirants that seek to gain admission. It is a website that Unilorin aspirants of the great University of Ilorin, can embrace and rely on.

To be more concise, Unilorin Help mate as its name suggests (founded in February 2019) is a subject with a great engrossment in providing quick and easy to access articles such as these “How to register for Unilorin post utme” also, “How to score high in unilorin post utme” among others.

By so doing, aspirants will have no reason to worry as we provide all the information they need.

We give upcoming freshers a home to learn all the ins and out of the school, the way admission works and what is required.

We’re building a bridge for every aspirant to cross through the shackles of failure into the great and prestigious University of Ilorin.

More so, Unilorin Help mate redistributes information from the students Union affair, passed across our borders (as includes forums) to easily reach every of it visitors interested in the University of Ilorin.

As a pledge of honor, Unilorin Help Mate is administered by Osas Divine.

Unilorin Help Mate is a student web-based platform for aspirants only, we only contribute to the needs of the student and we distribute only content that is deemed fit, just and reliable.

We shall only provide genuine information as pertaining to the school with effect to change in time otherwise stated.

Every section of this site is administered and authored by Osas Divine standing as the Online student representative for the University of Ilorin aspirants.

Unilorin Help Mate vow to completely disassociate itself from any form of Libel or impersonation.

Contents we deliver at Unilorin Help Mate are for personal consumption of the students and aspirants as they add more meaning to the power of information and knowledge that the school upholds.

What we do!

Unilorin help mate serves three functions.

(a) It provides a forum for Unilorin students to rely on, by asking questions and getting answers generally.

(b) We provide adequate information about Unilorin admission processing.

(c) Finally, we organize tutorials to lecture aspirants on the best means to succeed in post Utme.